My Home Design – Modern City MOD APK (Unlimited money/Premium) 5.5.6

Updated 26/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameMy Home Design – Modern City APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Premium
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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My Home Design – Modern City MOD APK detail?
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Introduce MOD APK My Home Design – Modern City

Interior design is a very hot profession these days. Young people passionate about this profession can completely practice designing right now through My Home Design – Modern City MOD APK (Unlimited money/Premium). This is a game that combines puzzle-solving and home decoration. Through solving puzzles, players will earn a lot of money. From that money is used to design for the client’s house. Customer satisfaction about the home is the success of an interior designer.

CookApps Korean game developers aim for a developed world of the future. A place where people’s quality of life comes first. Everyone will live in the best and most beautiful houses. My Home Design – Modern City APK mod is the place where we can express our wishes for a home. A place not only to shelter from rain and sun but also to save wonderful family moments with loved ones.

My Home Design Modern City APK

Download My Home Design – Modern City mod – Create perfect houses

To create a beautiful house, it is indispensable to have a talented designer’s hand. Because they are people with training and expertise, they can find unique furniture layouts that fit the space. It is possible to coordinate the room’s color with the furniture and the floor in beautiful harmony. That not everyone can do. My Home Design – Modern City APK 5.5.6 is waiting for you to come and make perfect homes for everyone.

My Home Design Modern City MOD

Interior design job

Accompanying you in the design work are designer Chloe and builder Liam. They are people with many years of experience in the industry. Both will support you during the work. Chloe will give you a few suggestions of objects for you to choose from. And Liam will be responsible for construction and repair. You are in charge of the most important task – designing the house. Use your aesthetic ability to choose furniture that matches each other from style to color. Designs must also be tailored to the client’s requirements.

My Home Design Modern City MOD APK

Delivering customer satisfaction

Your first customers in the game are Will and Bella. They are a newly married young couple looking to remodel their house. The living room, kitchen, and bedroom are what they want you to design. Starting the design is the old living room. Give this couple a new space with the sparkling light of the chandeliers. Next is the kitchen, where the wife can cook with the most modern kitchen equipment. Designers not only give the kitchen a modern space but also have to be cozy. Finally, the bedroom, warm, airy space is the most suitable for these two customers.

My Home Design Modern City ANDROID

During the design of the house, Chloe and Liam will talk more with the client to understand more about their wants and needs. Listen to their suggestions to change the designs to suit the best. When you see the details are not reasonable, you need more gold coins to change again. So make the right choices right from the start, so you don’t have to spend a lot of gold.

Fun puzzle game

, However, the redesign work requires a lot of additional furniture and other fees. At the beginning of the game, you will only get 1000 gold coins. So 1000 gold coins is not enough. We need to earn more money through the familiar puzzle game. On the screen is a series of squares, each containing a shape of its own color. Players need to touch and drag those tiles to create a vertical or horizontal row of at least three tiles of the same color and shape. The more identical tiles that are connected, the result will be a big explosion. Combined with vertical and horizontal cannons, you will destroy all puzzle tables.

My Home Design Modern City MOD ANDROID

Realistic 3D graphics like in real life

My Home Design – Modern City MOD APK is applied with extremely realistic 3D graphics to every detail. As a game about interior design, all objects, trees, and scenes must be made as real as possible. This makes the player feel like a real designer. The game also gives players many home design styles that are very popular today. For example, Korean minimalist style, European chic style, many cute, basic or colorful styles appear.

My Home Design Modern City MODAPK

The clients are waiting for a design talent just like you. It isn’t easy to find a person with diverse aesthetic eyes that understands the wishes of many different customers. Would you please do your best and give them the best service? Download now My Home Design – Modern City mod, accompany two famous designers, and create masterpieces of home design. Exciting puzzle boxes are also welcoming you to explore and take part in the challenge.

How to Download & Install My Home Design – Modern City MOD APK (Unlimited money/Premium) for Android


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