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Updated 18/02/2024 (1 week ago)
NameToy Blast APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, lives, boosters
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Toy Blast

An appearance was similar to other famous puzzle games. But this time will be a new and more unique challenge for those who like to show off their wits. And Toy Blast will be the name I want to let you know today. Bring familiar gameplay when you have to pass levels in the game. They are jigsaw puzzles with extremely high levels of brain damage. Make sure you will be from bored, bored to interesting and addicted to this game if you really persevere. How bad is it, I’ll let you know right now.

Don’t just participate in puzzles. Toy Blast is a complete and engaging storyline journey. You will unlock them by passing important milestone levels. With nearly 5000 levels up to now. It can be said that Toy Blast is one of the most challenging games. With such a large amount, but there is no element of repetition. Each level will be a completely new challenge for you to play happily. Once in here, you will never get bored.

Toy Blast mod

Download Toy Blast mod – Colorful unique puzzles

There is a curious little girl on a journey to discover the mysterious world. Here all toys and objects are conscious and moving like a human. You will play the lead role of that girl. Meet and make friends with many objects in the magical world of Toy Blast. Cross many interesting lands to play and make friends with everything. The game is designed with many levels of play. Each level is an intellectual puzzle. Shown by a large square, in which there are many small colorful squares alternating. Your main task is to collect squares with a certain number. With a limit on the specified number of turns.

The gameplay of Toy Blast is quite different from the previous release games. Instead of moving to form a row. You will select an area with the most adjacent set of squares of the same color. Touch to let them disappear and you collect them with the score. Each touch will take a turn. If the number of turns to 0 but you have not completed the requirement of the level, it will mean losing. To calculate your moves firmly so that each turn is a step closer to victory.

Toy Blast mod apk

Try useful strategies

In the first levels, a small number of squares need to be collected. Completing the task will be quite simple and does not take too much time. If the higher it is the real trouble. When the number of requests is increasing, the turn of the game is limited. Fortunately, Toy Blast also supports players with a special feature in the game. That is when collecting quite a lot of squares in an area. All of them will have the ability to become a missile or the magic Rubik. Missiles help collect all square blocks in a row. Rubik, on the other hand, collects the entire cube whose color matches the color of its face. Use this mechanism very intelligently to master all levels of the game.

Toy Blast mod apk free

Effective auxiliary

The second special mechanism I want to introduce to you is the support items. You can buy them from the store outside the game screen. They work quite well in difficult and no escape stages. For example, the magic hammer can smash a selected square. Detonators are used to destroy a larger area. Or provide rockets and Rubiks at the beginning of the level. These add-ons are handy and helpful when you are in a difficult situation. They can help you solve problems, go back to the tide and provide a higher win rate for you. So please make use of them effectively so as not to waste an important item.

Toy Blast mod free

Daily missions and achievement milestones

Comes with many rewards not too big after completing the levels. Toy Blast also owns a daily mission system. They range from easy to complex requirements. Like collecting a kind of square block in bulk. Or keep the maximum number of turns after passing the level. It sounds quite difficult at first and is almost impossible to do. But if you are a veteran gamer. You will be very familiar with this and feel free to do it. Because the gifts received are very high and valuable. Moreover with the achievements feature, which helps you get achievements in milestones. Maybe go to level 1000 or more. Of course, the rewards will still be extremely attractive.

Toy Blast free

Much of this is impossible to describe what Toy Blast offers players. As a puzzle enthusiast like me, this will be a very wonderful and challenging experience. How about you with this puzzle game. You can enjoy them anywhere you like. So this is definitely a pretty convenient product for busy people. Download the Toy Blast mod and intellectual puzzles in relaxing hours.

How to Download & Install Toy Blast MOD APK (Unlimited money, lives, boosters) for Android


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