Escape Machine City: Airborne MOD APK (Unlocked levels) 1.30

Updated 21/10/2023 (5 months ago)
NameEscape Machine City: Airborne APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked levels
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Escape Machine City: Airborne

Human technology is developing more and more modern over time. We cannot know what the future will become. Escape Machine City: Airborne will give you a hypothetical direction. A world with modern mechanical machines is completely different from imagined. The knowledge of physics is perfectly applied to large projects. All devices are gear and spring-driven. Can you get used to this?

Take a breath of our modern futuristic fantasy world. Escape Machine City: Airborne is not like other games. The technologies here are not ethereal electric machines. It’s all about things that work with the achievements of physics. The sound of gears and loud metal moving around. Explore a city full of modern machines. Like the famous cartoon Laputa legend. This is the right place for gamers who love puzzle gameplay. Challenge your super intelligence.

Escape Machine City Airborne mod android

Download Escape Machine City: Airborne mod – Explore the modern aerial city

Let’s start the game as an investigator. Tasked with finding out why this city lost its connection. It is impossible to tell who is controlling or if it is automatic. Find useful things and unlock the rooms to escape from here. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s always possible. All these puzzles are arranged in an extremely logical way. It’s like being created by some genius mind to challenge you. All the surrounding things are useful in solving puzzles. Make full use of them with various complex operations. All just need you to interact with touches on the touch screen.

Don’t get angry if you’re not sure what to do. These levels are just testing your ability. Just calmly explore all these large rooms. Either way, you will find the answer, sooner or later. Playing time is infinite, fast or slow depends on the player’s talent.

Escape Machine City Airborne mod apk free

Strange places

Each level of Escape Machine City: Airborne is a part of the city. Each place has its own distinctive color. An airy balcony can see the surrounding clouds. A bar with a combination of classic and modern styles. Or it can be mentioned as the room of the researchers. The boards also kept complicated formulas about something. Each is a high level of intellectual challenge. The following levels will be even more difficult for investigators. You have to become more sensitive, use your thinking. Quickly see what makes sense and put it together, miracles can happen.

Escape Machine City Airborne mod apk

Searching for components

Do you think finding parts is easy? Wrong, in the places you go, they can be hidden anywhere. Can be hidden behind books on a shelf or in some slot. There are many things that must be obtained by unlocking its container. A series of clever puzzles created in sequence. They link together in an extremely intelligent way with modern machines. You can guess the solution by looking at the shape of the lock. From there, see if there is anything around that can fit this size. Always start from simple to complex, don’t make it difficult for yourself. Escape from these rooms proves you are extremely smart.

Escape Machine City Airborne mod download

Infiltrate important places

Important places always have part of the answer to this mystery. If you get into it, the plot will explain all these troubles. The control room of the city contains a huge source of energy that keeps the city running. It is gradually destabilizing making everything work abnormally. Balancing and returning it to its original state will be the most urgent requirement. Don’t waste time before the ship becomes even more out of control. Solve difficult passwords to activate the control system. It’s up to you to save this city from unpredictable dangers.

Escape Machine City Airborne mod free

Escape Machine City: Airborne mod is a game where you can take your imagination to fly high and beyond. A place created to practice your acumen in different situations. Helps unlock the hidden possibilities of the human mind. A city of bringing the quintessence of wisdom expressed in each decoding. Complex and intelligent tools will need people skilled enough to handle it.

How to Download & Install Escape Machine City: Airborne MOD APK (Unlocked levels) for Android


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