Brave Story MOD APK 1.4.3 (Menu/High gold, Immortal, Onehit)

Updated on 12/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameBrave Story APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/High gold, Immortal, Onehit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. 1 hit
2. God mode
3. High experience
4. Increase move speed
5. High gold

Brave Story is an RPG set in a mysterious magical forest. Play as a knight of a certain kingdom on his way to investigate a mysterious forest. On the way, this knight was killed by an evil demon, the battle was fierce. Even though he fought with all his might, the knight’s ability was no match for that evil demon. Lost the battle and fell into the dead. Fortunately, ten years later, relying on the power of a goddess. The knight was saved and revived as a talented hero. To prevent the demons from treating the people as they did themselves. The hero officially begins the magical adventure.

Because of having fought once with a team of demons, players have learned a lot from the old war. Moreover, skill training sessions also increase the player’s ability by one level. There are also records about each land, about the power of the witch mountain that gives you a lot of information. In addition, players also need to find the legendary sword. This sword was lost in the fierce fighting that took place before. Along the way, the player meets soldiers and collects useful information. Must explore and understand the entire plot to easily follow the game flow.

Brave Story apk free

Download Brave Story mod – The revived hero goes to fight the demons to protect the villagers

Entering the forest according to the instructions of the map, the player automatically explores the mysterious areas. There are four squares corresponding to the four main actions of the player at the bottom of the screen. In turn, from left to right includes fighting, running, magic, and objects. When encountering demons appearing in the forest, the player chooses the battle item. Then the character just needs to hold the sword and touch the enemy repeatedly to kill it. If there are no demons, leave the running mode to search for items around. When you want to enter an area or break something secret. Players with magic mode can own items for that work.

Change weapon

When slaying evil demons or collecting gift chests along the way. Players can win G-shaped gold coins. Using G coins in the game’s shop, the player can see the item of equipment. Buy and change the best swords to increase your character’s fighting ability. These swords are as diverse as the Cyan sword with its strange design. The black sword with the entire blade is made of a special material with a jet black color. There are other swords like Iron Sword, Green Sword,…and there are other weapons as well. They play a very strong auxiliary role for players in this difficult war.

Brave Story mod

Your hero

Players can choose to change the character and add their own characteristics. Start with the hero with blue hair wearing the enemy. He wears a dark brown suit with a scarf and battle gloves. Or the blonde with the pretty red hairpin. The armor of the same color exalted her cute beauty but was not weak at all. Or you have a sexy style of dress. Shoulder-length gray hair with a blue hat make players find it interesting. Equip them with the necessary skills beyond the protection of weapons and shields. Mastery of fighting skills to avoid being destroyed by the enemy.

Brave Story apk

Various maps

An adventure game usually has a variety of areas to explore. Brave Story is no exception. Includes three main areas: Carbine Forest, Cleaver Desert, and Mastiff Castle. True to the name of each area, each place will hide its secrets. Carbine Forest is a dense forest, here, there are mutant demons from the animals. Going to Cleaver Desert is a desert surrounded by dunes. There are raised rock caves and small trees for the player to find. And the Mastiff Castle area is an abandoned castle with walls built of mossy gray stone.

Brave Story mod apk

In the upper right corner is a map circle that tracks the location of yourself and the demons. As soon as any demon appears, players pay close attention to it. Then use the sharp sword in your hand to turn them into nothingness. When the demons were annihilated, they turned into toxic purple smoke. And G amount from them is automatically added to your account. Game by level, when you get used to it, the difficulty of the game screen increases. Download Brave Story mod opens a war with demons to protect the villagers from death.

Download Brave Story MOD APK (Menu/High gold, Immortal, Onehit) for Android

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