Archiland MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 09/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameArchiland APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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In every Archiland journey, you can’t step back. It is the spirit of adventurers who have experienced countless life events. Precious treasures never wait for cowards. It is for those who dare to face difficulties. As a result, they can take steps that no one else has dared to take, whether there are hundreds of enemies or threats. It’s never too big of a deal for you. Show yourself that you’re good enough to push your crazy limits.

Archiland is a simple story with a clear purpose. Describe the exploration journey of an archaeologist with a passion for antiquities. It has an effortless action and adventure element with a classic nature. The more you play, the more attractive and nostalgic you are with a pixel image style. The increased difficulty will be a massive challenge in later wars. Mentally prepare to be able to handle it all and overcome problems. If you already love this fighting type, don’t be slow to join it.

Archiland mod

Download Archiland mod – Overcoming the dangerous journey

Archaeologists are looking for hidden secrets in ancient ruins. But the way there is guarded by many scary things. Hundreds of traps and monsters threaten to devour you if you are not careful. The task is straightforward; you control the character to move forward. Avoid traps and destroy enemies to ensure your safety. We will have a total of three lives to spend. Don’t waste them if you don’t want all the effort to disappear. Instead, try to harvest a lot of gold coins to accumulate points for yourself. In the end, you will reach the finish line and achieve success.

Skill upgrade

Like other games, skills will actively support the character. It gives you the edge to get into more dangerous places and stay alive. We will go to the skills section and choose what we need. There will be different choices given each time you level up. Read carefully the advantages that the skill brings to use correctly. Build yourself elements such as speed, attack and active skills. It will be easier for you to sweep your enemies later on. Overcome treacherous terrains and confront terrible things. Use everything you have to create new achievements that are second to none.

Archiland mod apk

Defeat the boss

Huge and fearsome creatures dominate different parts of the ruins. That is why they are called mighty guardians. Overcoming these names will not be an easy thing for you. Firstly, because everyone has a vast, dangerous appearance. Then they will hide terrible abilities that can take your life quickly. But every name will have loopholes and weaknesses for you to exploit. Attack it continuously and erode their lives. Deliver finishing slashes to demonstrate your strength. Even more terrifying forces lie behind the levels.

Archiland mod free

15 levels

The number of 15 levels can be said to be a bit small from the outside of the game. But conquering them is a tricky thing if you are not quick enough. Just adjusting the difficulty up a notch is an entirely different story. You will have a harder time confronting your enemies. Challenges can swallow you up if you’re not careful. That is why the Archiland mod is considered for testing individuals’ abilities.

Download Archiland MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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