Dungeon Manager : Mine King MOD APK 1.21 (Menu/No skill CD)

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NameDungeon Manager : Mine King APK
PublisherIndie Code, Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/No skill CD
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Attack every dungeon you come across and mine resources in Dungeon Manager: Mine King. Dungeon resources seem to be endless as monsters constantly appear inside. They collect everything they can and gradually accumulate to make the dungeon the wealthiest place. You have had the opportunity to explore this place when gathering enough of your exploring army. You will continuously exploit the underground resources to serve your goals. Command your army to raid dungeons and complete the conquest of dangerous existence. Use your talents and fight the plan to become the dungeon manager.

You will have the opportunity to enter the dungeon not only to fight but also to exploit resources. Inside the dungeon was a hoard of years of monsters that had been gradually accumulating and waiting to be discovered. That luck is on you when you have to fight the monsters inside. The initial resources will help you gather more people to help you continue your journey. Underground resources will be mined to make you and your team stronger. Anyone will create their own best tactics inside the dungeon. Hone your abilities from the fight for the sake of mining and mastering every dungeon.

Dungeon Manager Mine King apk

Download Dungeon Manager: Mine King mod – Become a dungeon resource holder

You will be very weak against the monsters deep inside the dungeon, and you will have help from the heroes. They may be your favorites and will accompany you into the monster dungeon. You can train the abilities of those heroes by fighting through each dungeon. Their skills will also improve as you take them to exploit resources. Your intelligence will help the heroes fight powerfully before monsters. Heroes will defeat opponents to find the opportunity to exploit dungeon resources for you. Fight with heroes who love dungeons and hold the rich resources within.

Dungeon Manager Mine King android

Hero training

Your hero in this quest for dungeon resources is trainable. You can choose heroes to accompany you step by step to move to every part of the dungeon. Training them will help you get stronger in battle with monsters. Moreover, you can equip each hero with the best anti-monster weapons. You will also have an exciting exploration with heroes when you train them. Use maneuvers and send your hero deep into the dungeon and defeat all the monsters. Train brave heroes and put them on the list of the strongest and fastest heroes.

Dungeon Manager Mine King free

Dungeon manager

Every time you complete each level with dungeons, you get control over it. Dark vaults can now be built and customized by you. You can use resources from within the dungeon to create the most beautiful dungeon. However, it would be best if you managed your dungeon well, thanks to the heroes who fought with you. It’s about mining wherever possible and finding unique and rare resources. The heroes that help you repel the monsters win, and now the dungeon is yours. Manage the dungeon effectively and make it a place where humans can live.

Dungeon Manager Mine King mod apk

Combat commander

You have a chance to become a good hero commander when you go inside the dungeon. Please choose the most substantial team from over 240 types of monsters and fight every dungeon with them. With the strongest squad, there will be no dungeon that can stop you from advancing. It is natural for you to conquer the dungeons, and you will master them all. That hero can efficiently perform various functions while you conquer the dungeon. And everything can be done by you, like attacking monsters or mining resources. Command monsters to enter the dungeon with you and fight to be able to conquer and exploit the dungeon.

Dungeon Manager Mine King mod

Every fight has its purpose, and you have the goal of mastering every dungeon. To do this, you must own a team of heroes and go inside the dungeon to explore. Your weakness will be reduced when accompanied by talented heroes. Step-by-step training, your hero will be able to help you become more persistent in the fight. Command the strongest team of over 240 monster heroes to enter the dungeons. Do dungeon exploration by finding all the resources and equipment of monsters. Download Dungeon Manager: Mine King mod to exercise your chance to master dark dungeons and explore resources.

Download Dungeon Manager : Mine King MOD APK (Menu/No skill CD) for Android

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