Blitz: Rise of Heroes MOD APK (Menu, God Mode, Dumb Enemies, Onehit) 1.12.13

Updated 30/03/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameBlitz: Rise of Heroes APK
PublisherWhaleApp LTD
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God Mode, Dumb Enemies, Onehit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Blitz: Rise of Heroes MOD APK detail?

1. Mod Menu
2. Unlimited Mana
3. God Mode
4. Dumb Enemies
5. Damage Multiplier
6. Onehit

Introduce MOD APK Blitz: Rise of Heroes

Blitz: Rise of Heroes MOD APK (Menu, God Mode, Dumb Enemies, Onehit) transforms into a powerful hero to join his teammates in battle. The generals were eager to win victory over the enemy. Gather all these heroes and form a mighty army of generals. Recruit the most core warriors as the backbone of your team. Go fight against enemies and zombies in the mysterious garden. Collect as many talented generals as possible and store them in the card treasure. Each general has different fighting abilities. Find teammates who support each other in all situations. The game also follows a logical storyline.

After selecting the heroes, you want to bring into the battle. Players can arrange the positions of these generals so that they attack in order. Players may know the enemy army in advance, but most are new. There is a clever placement strategy for the champions to unleash their full potential. The main interface is a collection of towers on islands along a small sea. Here each area brings a mode or has its function. For example, the Adventure Orb has the shape of a charcoal blue ball. Here players are discovering new lands.

Blitz Rise of Heroes apk free

Download Blitz: Rise of Heroes APK mod – Gather the most talented generals to participate in the exploration campaign

After choosing the squad that the player wants to bring into the battle. At this point, the generals automatically fight with the team of demons ahead. But if it’s at a critical moment or when the player wants his generals to deal the most critical blow. Just touch the card of the champion you want to cast a powerful move. There is a row of cards of the team’s generals below. Touching any card, that card will appear on top, the whole battle seems to slow down to focus on this general. That champion will launch the strongest attack that gathers all of its energy on the enemy. Keep doing this until the enemy is destroyed before your team.

Blitz Rise of Heroes android

The army of generals

Blitz: Rise of Heroes brings together more than 50 heroes from 5 different factions. Includes the Alliance faction, the Guardian faction, the Awakening faction, the Ashes faction, and the Gods faction. Each hero from these factions is also of a different species. Such as brutal beasts or wise magicians, noble knights to stone elves. There are bloodthirsty vampires or scary skeletons. Players need to make the most accurate choices to ensure they combine flexibly with each other. The male generals are majestic, with a strong fighting style. Female generals are equally as flexible when moving flexibly and unleashing critical levers.

Blitz Rise of Heroes apk

Hero upgrade

There are many different ways to increase the strength of your hero. Players can level up their hero, upgrade their skills, upgrade equipment or upgrade their character’s profile. As heroes upgrade, new skills are unlocked that increase their strength and speed. The equipment after being upgraded, the damage also increases. This creates many advantages for players in this fierce battle. Equipment includes helmets, armor, weapons, and boots. Only with these equipment can the player’s power take to the next level. The high profile level is proportional to the number of rewards received.

Blitz Rise of Heroes mod

Game mode

Blitz: Rise of Heroes offers many symbolic fortresses for different game modes. In the arena, players can meet and fight other players on the server. In the Treasure Maze is the main place to explore, with many maps and areas organized into levels. Going to the Flaming Fortress is a level-based battle, the higher you climb, the stronger the opponent you need to destroy. The story campaign area with 80 territories reigns on the Larnes region. Each territory contains countless small levels for players to explore. Go Tournaments are regular places where events that the game organizes separately.

Blitz Rise of Heroes mod apk

Players can also join guilds to earn more new friends. Or, more specifically, when you set up your guild. Call for the participation of other players to make your clan more powerful. The reputation is so far away they automatically want to join. If you already join a guild, you can enter separate events such as Clan Patrol or Clan Hunt. Download Blitz: Rise of Heroes APK 1.12.13 and explore diverse battles with talented generals in the team of warriors that you collect.

How to Download & Install Blitz: Rise of Heroes MOD APK (Menu, God Mode, Dumb Enemies, Onehit) for Android


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