Medal Heroes: Return of the Summoners MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) 3.5.9

Updated 26/08/2023 (10 months ago)
NameMedal Heroes: Return of the Summoners APK
PublisherEnfeel Inc
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Medal Heroes: Return of the Summoners

The battle at Medal Heroes: Return of the Summoners will be more attractive with the appearance of chibi warriors. Have you ever thought that a strategy game on a smartphone but played with a vertical screen would be cute? It seems impossible, but the reality is quite the opposite. Medal Heroes: Return of the Summoners has proven that a good game will appeal to any form. Activities in the game are mostly fighting and collecting warriors. The attractive point that makes players choose to download is idleness. You will not have to worry too much about tactical issues. Freely select your favorite hero to win.

The content revolves around the fantasy world of warriors with cute chibi appearances. The theme of the magical world with swords and mages, although not new, still attracts a large number of players. We love the feeling of watching warriors show their strength. A thorny journey through the terrain and large scale. Encounter and battle the forces of monsters. Overcome them all to defeat the dangerous giant bosses of the world. All of that, you can do in a vertical screen game.

Medal Heroes Return of the Summoners mod

Download Medal Heroes: Return of the Summoners mod – Idle battlefield with enjoyable entertainment

The chibi characters are a key part of making Medal Heroes: Return of the Summoners so enjoyable. Their shape is not too picky but still shows their unparalleled strength. The unique feature is the cute littleness that anyone will approach and enjoy. Those are the actual characters you use to fight. During the journey, you will acquire many special warriors. The player can also summon them through a separate character summoning system. After getting acquainted with the warriors, let’s start fighting. Use the character you have to create your first squad.

The smartphone’s screen will be divided into two parts when in the game. The upper half of the screen is the battlefield where your warriors will fight. The rest is a system for you to manage characters, power them up directly, and receive rewards for providing more useful items. Without any manipulation, the warriors will fight the monsters on their own. Your task is to upgrade their power. The greater the strength, the more they will fight and not stop. Everything ends when all the characters are destroyed. Then you have lost and receive the corresponding reward.

Medal Heroes Return of the Summoners mod apk

The interface is filled with content

The interface in Medal Heroes: Return of the Summoners will be quite complicated and requires guidance from the beginning of the game for you to get used to it all. Although there are many, they will not appear all immediately. When you get too many new levels, it will be unlocked. The kingdom located in the game has many works of the content. Specifically, Pillage War leads to resource gathering wars. Special Dungeon lets you explore dungeons with a large number of monsters. Guild is a place to connect with other players join guild. The arena is the most competitive area among multiplayer solid. Items such as plot, quests, rewards, gacha, kingdoms are arranged so that you feel neat and easy on the eyes.

Medal Heroes Return of the Summoners mod apk free

Diversity of strength

Despite the ancient magic and sword scene, there are still many characters in Medal Heroes: Return of the Summoners that show off their unique powers. Many warriors can be seen with distinct dominant tones. Their weapons can be swords, magic staffs, bows, arrows, sometimes guns, and many other modern technologies. This combination is not unreasonable or uninteresting. On the contrary, it also makes the player much more excited. All want to have warriors in various civilizations and technological developments, no matter the logic. It has a variety of looks and colors and has impressive destructive power.

Medal Heroes Return of the Summoners mod free

Control in combat

The activity that you will do the most is controlling the fighting process of the characters in the war. Since it is an infinite battlefield with no end, the warriors will fight continuously without stopping. If you are negligent and do not pay attention, the whole team can be destroyed at any time. Observe the match and perform many actions in the lower half of the screen. Fast-forward the game if it feels too slow. Level up your character in the middle of a battle to last longer. Use Auto to fight and unleash all skills automatically. Support skills to increase strength, attack speed, restore stats… All are available and can be used at any time.

Medal Heroes Return of the Summoners free

Show strategy by building a squad of cute warriors. Discover new content to improve your skills as well as your experience. Decide the outcome of battles with intelligent manipulation. Medal Heroes: Return of the Summoners mod puts you on the battlefield with the cutest chibi characters.

How to Download & Install Medal Heroes: Return of the Summoners MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) for Android


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