(re)format Z: MOD APK 1.1.6 (Level unlocked)

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Name(re)format Z: APK
PublisherBlindflug Studios AG
MOD FeaturesLevel unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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The battles that (re)format Z: will bring you closer to the truth than ever before. This is a big challenge that makes us try to reach the limit. Confront a powerful force to find a way to free yourself. From there, know their plot and break these dubious plans. The threat will be cut off, and you will be the chosen one to rid this rule-filled world. Bringing normalized freedom to all who live on this planet. It is the effort and sacrifice of a person who aspires to live.

A modern, futuristic world with the colors of darkness is (re)format Z: utilized and created a feature. The game’s plot is made from the complex and dark cyberpunk style. Not only that, the biggest challenge for players is caution. It would help if you used all your wisdom to overcome the created dangers quickly. Thrilling action moments make us unbelievably suspenseful. Admire modern technologies developed by intelligent people later.

reformat Z mod

Download (re)format Z: mod – Destroy the domination of the fearsome force

The future world of man has developed remarkably with many advanced things applied. But with the explosion of the population, people are forced to use the method of controlling the population. LIBRIA, with practical but ruthless rules, carries it out. It went too far and made the main character named Alice fall into their sights. However, she broke into the organization with her bravery to overthrow them. Following the instructions given by your superiors’ walkie-talkie, you will gradually uncover many truths behind. Free everyone from the extreme domination of this corporation.

Handling situations

Alice will have to complete a series of challenges assigned to her by her organization to bypass LIBRIA’s security successfully. She will have to hide and deal with difficult situations created by the guards and their control system. Many times you will have to face the minions deployed. Instead, destroy them neatly and get to the designated locations as quickly as possible. Take advantage of some valuable things lying around where you are moving. I can fast go through things that stand in my way and complete what I have received. Ingenuity is something that you will need to focus on to have a flawless victory.

reformat Z mod free

Collect the data

In addition to completing tasks, you also need to have pieces of data. This is something that the organization has hidden to avoid revealing its plot. Each mission will lead you to a different amount of data from the supercomputer. At the end of the journey, it will tell you all the secrets that need to be solved. The dangerous things this organization has created with its evil ambitions. All are decoded and make you have a detailed view. Strengthen the fighting spirit of one who loves freedom for this world. Let the other organization be destroyed to create justice.

reformat Z mod apk

Face the enemy

Sometimes you will encounter minions sent to destroy you. Use the weapons you pick up to fight them more effectively. You can also make these guys attack each other blindly. Make them quickly fall into chaos and help you move forward smoothly. Find out how to destroy the dangerous machines of the evil corporation in (re)format Z: mod.

Download (re)format Z: MOD APK (Level unlocked) for Android

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