WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/No reload) 2.1

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MOD FeaturesMenu, Dumb enemy/No reload
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Submarine warfare is one of the most complex and tactically demanding wars. Coincidentally, a game gets it right on this topic, which is WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP. Players will be transformed into submarine commanders fighting underwater. Confront enemies from many different countries with a variety of dangerous weapons. The submarine war, though not as noisy as the other wars. Its damage and ferocity are always the greatest and require genius commanding talent. Are you the chosen leader to command this underwater army?

Submarines are inherently a different means of moving underwater than ships above the water. To command and control, it requires a team of professionals. We stop at the control, but we also have to encounter and fight many other enemy submarines. This is the test of your command ability. How far can you lead this fully armed submarine? Is it possible to do a miracle to defeat all enemies on this quiet battlefield?


Download WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP mod – Try to be a combat submarine commander

You will be guided to control a submarine from the most basic steps. Includes determining coordinates while underwater. Adjust the control systems to move the sub. Observe different angles under the water to spot enemies. Use more pre-installed weapons. Any war can happen right now. Be prepared to practice not to have difficulty controlling the submarine. You will also take on both roles and control and fight the enemy. Remember that your enemy is another player. They will not act as system programming, so be careful.

The system of buttons on the screen in the game is quite complicated. Through many battles, you will get used to them to use them all. WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP offers more than ten types of torpedoes and cannons for each submarine. All of them are for combat purposes only. In the middle will be the submarine’s health stats. If that stat returns to 0, your submarine has been wholly destroyed. Surely you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

WORLD of SUBMARINES Navy PvP mod apk

Gather with the captains

The battlefield scale in WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP is very large. It could be said to cover the entire world with the presence of all the players. Your mission is to ally with submarines of the same faction to defeat enemy submarines. All are players, so that the battlefield will be much more difficult. The level between masters and new players will be shown very clearly. With a team consisting of many submarines, apply tactics to make the enemy complex. If everyone works together, they can defeat any enemy. This is also a good opportunity for you to get acquainted with many players worldwide.

WORLD of SUBMARINES Navy PvP mod apk free

Choose the most powerful submarine

The submarine force always has many types and meets all the needs of players. We have quality submarines from the US, UK, Germany, Russia… Famous names in real life also appear like Aluka, Typhoon, Seawolf, Los Angeles. Each sub has a distinct design to create its beauty and is also easy to distinguish. The strength of a submarine depends quite a lot on the level of the player. But a quality submarine will do much more than a basic submarine. They are equipped with more complex weapon systems. Can dive and move faster underwater. Creates a lot of advantages in a long fight.

WORLD of SUBMARINES Navy PvP mod free

Excursions in all modes

There are two main modes in the game PvP and PvE. These two modes have many other small ways to play separately. For PvP, the battlefield will always be online players. Try to gather as many teammates as possible to gain the advantage. Win the wars to occupy the seas, destroy enemy submarines, fight in teams to score points. PvE is a bit more exploratory and experiential. Learn about the plot and the battlefields between many countries. Perform many campaigns to attack the enemy and capture many important bases. Any mode requires a particular skill of the player. Only then can they survive on this harsh battlefield.


Becoming a submarine commander is not an easy thing. Controlling and fighting submarines at the same time can sometimes be impossible. However, just persistently practising and experiencing, you will gradually get used to the atmosphere of the battlefield in the game. WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP mod trains the bravest commanders. Control the submarine to rush to the underwater battlefield. Destroy all enemy forces to win a glorious battle with your teammates.

How to Download & Install WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/No reload) for Android


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Akshat Tripathi
Akshat Tripathi
2 years ago

Bhai unlimited money nhi hai please new mod me mod menu + unlimited money pleaseeeeeee but this one is also best 😈😈😈😈😎😎 but next time 5 stars for new mod

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