Sniper Honor MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.9.5

Updated on 16/11/2022 (4 months ago)
NameSniper Honor APK
Publisher707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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If the rifles used to attack steadily and conveniently. Shotgun has great power and damage, machine gun has a high volume and number of bullets. Then sniper rifles need to have the highest concentration and accuracy. Especially for a sniper-only game like Sniper Honor. Follow the main character in missions to destroy the enemy. No noise and chaos like terrorists or mafia. Simply a powerful sniper shot that instantly kills enemies from a distance. Is that enough attractive and fast to every second? Mortal Crusade, Striker Zone Mobile is also one of the games with action levels you will enjoy.

Takes you on the quest chain of a skilled sniper. Sniper Honor is the story of the main character whose task is to destroy the previously assigned enemy. From the target of the gangsters, the terrorist boss, from the member to the leader, all are destroyed by your hand. With a sniper rifle that accompanies me. Show off your genius marksmanship. Causes the target to collapse at a distance of hundreds of meters to kilometers in a spectacular way.

Sniper Honor mod

Download Sniper Honor mod – The task of the genius marksman

You will receive official duties from your organization. Mainly will be the destruction of pre-announced targets. From as far away as possible and with a sniper rifle of course. You will then go to the designated area. Start your level, the goal is to destroy the target in the image. You must identify his location as soon as possible. Since time is still ticking, he will move constantly and at some point will leave the required area. That means the mission has failed. You start playing again and make no more mistakes.

The target will move continuously inside your area before leaving. Watch and find the right time to finish him off at any time. There are quests that require killing the target when he is alone. But also quite a few and not too important. It is important that you finish the right target as required is to complete the task. It’s only when you shoot someone by mistake that it’s a real big deal. Completing one quest will lead you to the next many fascinating quests.

Sniper Honor mod apk

Use the coolest weapons

For all missions in the basic mode you will use sniper rifles. We will talk about other weapons in other modes. The highlight here is still the sniper rifles. It is eye-catching and has a more sophisticated shape than other types. And of course, they are also divided into many different types. You can use money when completing missions to buy them. Experience more different feelings on many different guns. Will make the quests become new and somewhat more interesting. Their damage is not too necessary to discuss because only one bullet can finish the target.

Sniper Honor mod apk free

Perform various missions

Sometimes you won’t have to kill your opponent from afar anymore. It will be a bigger task to create diversity. For example, rescuing hostages in captivity. Kill enemies directly. Destroy an entire gang with just you. Adventure everywhere from China Town, Morden City, Hokkaido… Each place corresponds to a series of quests that you have to complete. Not only a sniper, you now also hold the position of commando, agent… Lots of challenges and never repeat or bore you.

Sniper Honor mod free

Modesall new and separate

Different modes also appear in Sniper Honor every time you get bored with continuous sniper missions. Like a real multiplayer shooter. From the mode to destroy the horrifying zombie hordes. Until the missions to defeat criminals and gangs. All of them will provide you with all the necessary weapons, not only sniper rifles. Rifles, shotguns, machine guns, submachine guns of all kinds. You are also allowed to upgrade to change the appearance to the damage of each weapon. Playing different modes is the most fun and chaotic.

Sniper Honor mod mod

Sniper Honor is the hit game about stealth and silent sniper missions. However, the addition of new modes and weapons also makes gamers very excited and responsive. You can completely consider it as a multi-genre shooting game. Enough to compete with other unique FPS shooting games. But it still brings its charm as well as its beauty. Because of that, Sniper Honor mod is the most mentioned name for you to freely try.

Download Sniper Honor MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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