ICEY MOD APK (Menu, Weak enemy/Fast attack) 1.1.1

Updated 31/07/2022 (2 years ago)
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CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Weak enemy/Fast attack
SupportAndroid 4.1 +
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Introduce MOD APK ICEY

ICEY is an action role-playing game, combined with eye-catching 2D side-scrolling graphics. The game revolves around a story with depth. Players will experience and discover that story through the main character, ICEY. From there you will know the truth about her. Drifting along the storyline, you will discover many things hidden inside. You must be feeling curious right?

ICEY is like a life-and-death adventure. As the main character is the robot ICEY, you will have to move through many areas to receive clues to find the hidden secret. And don’t worry about getting lost. Because in the game, you will receive instructions from a mysterious person. You don’t know who they are, what they look like. You just hear their voices and do what they say. Sometimes, in your head, you will wonder why you have to follow instructions. Why can’t I go on my own? Or why can’t I know the truth about the world and what ICEY is up to? To answer these questions, experience for yourself to the end of ICEY. You will get the appropriate answer back.

ICEY mod

Download ICEY mod –  Experience the fierce battle

Move the ICEY robot character according to the narrator’s instructions. At each level, ICEY will confront different robot enemies. The number of enemies is proportional to the level of the game. That is, the latter, the level will be more difficult and there will be more enemies. In each battle, ICEY players will have to control smartly, move quickly and provide a reasonable attack and defense. You alone fight with many enemies, so you need to pay a lot of attention to choosing the right style of attack, dealing high damage to the enemy. ICEY’s existence is for the sole purpose of eliminating Judas, an evil man, to bring the apocalypse to mankind.

ICEY apk

Feel free to choose your character

ICEY offers users more than 50 characters. Each of these cyborg characters has different powers. Each warrior robot will have its own features, characteristics, and skills. Because each warrior has a different strength, it requires players to understand the internals. Capture the specifications of each robot. By understanding the parameters carefully, you will be more proficient in moving the robot, and easier to control the enemy. In addition, players should level up and discover skills for robots. At the same time, add to the robot costumes and armor with defensive power.

ICEY mod apk

Countless challenges

ICEY players will experience countless challenges through many levels. In the first screenplays, players will only get used to how to play, so there is almost no difficulty at all. The enemy robot is relatively weak so you will get through it quickly. However, later on, you will have to be more careful. Boss will be increased in strength, increase damage ability, and at the same time, it will have more defense. Players need to strengthen the character’s armor. Skillfully use combat skills such as hitting, and slashing, … combined with weapons such as guns, bombs, etc. No matter what challenges you face, you always have to follow the instructions of the storyteller. This will help you pass the level smoothly. Don’t disobey them, they may change their tone and become angrier. However, if you follow your hunch, the narrator will talk to you about what he’s been through.

ICEY android

True experience

To get this experience, the game maker had to spend a lot of time focusing on the graphics and images of the characters. The graphics are vivid and quite sharp. Sketch the image of a warrior along with the natural scenery each screen is extremely eye-catching. Interwoven in there are the character’s battle effects along with the sound of weapons and slashes that make the player feel real. Besides, the narrator will converse with you by asking questions. Those are questions for you, not for ICEY. In addition, you will be taken to many different areas through each mapping system. For example, in the Marionette theater, at the clock tower entrance, in the sewer system, in the dark cellar, on the subway, etc.

ICEY apk free

Coming to ICEY, you will have more great new feelings. However, if you want more new and better experiences, you need to spend a bit of money to buy them. You won’t have any regrets. Move the robot smoothly to sweep away enemies who are intending to invade the earth. Besides the process of fighting, you also know more interesting stories between humans and robots. Each of these stories contains many deep humanistic meanings. Download the ICEY mod to show the warrior’s responsibility and mission to protect the earth.

How to Download & Install ICEY MOD APK (Menu, Weak enemy/Fast attack) for Android


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