TotAL RPG MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.20.0

Updated 04/03/2024 (1 month ago)
PublisherTzar Games Studio
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK TotAL RPG

For heroes, fighting is their ideal. Fight for the shining glory, win everyone’s respect. Defending justice and justice in the human world. Fight against evil things that have certain evil intentions. A job that not everyone can do and keep for a long time. If you want to experience the hero’s fighting life then come to Total RPG to learn it right away.

TotAL RPG MOD APK (Unlimited money) is a game with an engaging action role-playing genre. You will be free to move and fight flexibly and comfortably. With sharp and extremely realistic graphics, the game maker has perfected with high quality. The details in the game are made extremely carefully and thoroughly. The 3D world allows you to see through many angles with a freehand camera. The battle sound is extremely heroic and dramatic. Bringing you extremely high-quality battles that are not inferior to PC games. Is an option that you cannot ignore and it is completely free. Sit down and enjoy the battle between the knights and the dark.

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Download TotAL RPG APK mod – Overcoming the tower of glory

Be a hero chosen to eradicate the evil that is invading the holy places. You are a knight with tremendous strength that can fight any opponent. Choose the profession you want and jump right into the battle. Purify the tower of angels from the encroachment of demons from hell. Control your character by moving the joystick. Attack all the monsters you meet along the way. Talk to the monks so you can learn about the path you’re on. Don’t let the lord’s noble holy place suffer this disgusting insult. Send the demons back to where they were supposed to be.

TotAL RPG mod apk

Upgrade your stats

Upgrading stats is how you can become stronger over time. You may be a bit fragile and weak at first, but after leveling up you will become stronger. Defeat the demons to gain experience and reach even higher levels. Each time you level up, your appearance will also change more differently. A new strength will flow through your veins. Upgrade your base stats higher to increase your overall strength. Pay attention to upgrading your skills even higher to increase efficiency. The skill reaching the highest level will drastically change both the effect and the damage it deals.

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Equipment and weapons

A knight will need for himself a powerful set of equipment and weapons to fight. There will be a lot of armor and weapons with more than 50 types included here. A lot of armor with shiny and outstanding appearance when equipped will become extremely powerful. Weapons with great damage along with extremely eye-catching shapes. All will be effective demon-killing tools for your character. Can only equip weapons suitable for their profession, cannot use other things. You can earn these items when you pass levels or can be purchased in the store. Rare equipment always has extremely high-class attributes, bringing great effects.

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Complete the challenge

TotAL RPG APK 1.20.0 will give you countless quests for you to participate in. Completing these quests will help you get valuable rewards. Get countless resources to serve to upgrade your character. These missions will gradually increase in difficulty over time and to complete them you must also get stronger. Try to complete all the assigned things to develop the character more personally. Dive into the story of the game and feel this arduous journey. Completing missions is also a way to ensure your progress. Become a knight with limitless power and complete the mission entrusted to you.

TotAL RPG mod apk free

Infinite fighting

The tower of heavenly soldiers in TotAL RPG MOD APK will never have a top. You can fight forever without any limit on achievements. You yourself will get stronger and stronger and always increase with the number of floors. Each floor will have stronger and more exotic monsters. They will have more and more powerful abilities and you will have to adapt to it. Complete the missions that you are being entrusted with by the angels. Fight and devote yourself to god’s power and become god’s right hand. Download Total RPG mod to own yourself the most powerful weapons and forms of the gods.

How to Download & Install TotAL RPG MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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