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Updated 20/03/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameTom and Jerry: Chase APK
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Introduce MOD APK Tom and Jerry: Chase

Tom and Jerry, the animated film has been associated with countless generations of childhood around the world. With simple content, 2 characters cat and mouse chase each other. Has won the hearts of anyone who has seen it and still does it now. So the production of many games with the theme of the chase of these two characters is also a great thing. And so far, we have seen the launch of Tom and Jerry: Chase MOD APK () light and fun entertaining game. For all ages who still love this legendary movie.

Bring simple content but very attractive to many people. After being brought to Tom and Jerry: Chase APK mod, the chase screen of Tom and Jerry has been taken to a higher level. In this hilarious battle. Only Tom or the cats will have to fight the cunning of Jerry and the rats. With the chase and accompanied by interesting weapons and items. Appears scattered in the game screen continuously. You won’t feel bored because no two levels are the same.

TomJerryChase mod

Download Tom and Jerry: Chase – The chase never ends

The goal of the main game mode is very simple. You will join 3 other players. The system will arrange for you to be a cat or a mouse. There are 1 cat and 3 mice at each level. The task of the mouse is to steal cheese and work together to run away without being caught by the cat. The cat will have to catch all the mice or get back the stolen cheese within a limited time. It sounds simple, but the levels are really fun. The mice need to use the team element. On the contrary, the cat alone must handle and catch the mouse very smart and agile.

The best thing about Tom and Jerry: Chase APK 5.4.56 is that the game retains the existing spirit of the legendary original. Like interesting symphonies depicting the movements of the characters. Effects and shapes go against the rules of physics. Or the contexts are no longer strange such as in the kitchen, living room, and many interesting places. Those are the things that are kept intact to leave gamers with a lot of happy emotions. Happiness and nostalgia are extremely high.

TomJerryChase mod apk

Meet many classic characters

Of course for this game, we will definitely meet the legendary characters of the animation again. Those are the two most famous main characters, Thomas “Tom” Cat and Jerry Mouse. These are the two basic playable characters in Tom and Jerry: Chase MOD APK. Remaining on the cat side will be 2 other famous cats Lightning and Butch. On the rat side, we have Tuffy. Along with quite a few uncontrollable public figures who all appear in the game as guests. So the chase battles will be extremely interesting and full of laughter. Very suitable for children to play happily.

TomJerryChase mod free

Many unique and colorful game modes

There are more than 5 different modes for everyone to choose and play together. The battles in the game will be much more diverse and interesting. Typically the classic mode, which offers many items. Give the cat or mouse side a boost and turn the tide of battle. Or other interesting modes like Golden Key, Fireworks, Cheese Frenzy, and Beach Volleyball. Each mode has different gameplay. Divide into teams of different characters too. Learning and playing all the modes with friends is one of the most fun things in the game. Try them all out in different regions and settings to feel the variety.

TomJerryChase mod apk free

Change clothes to your liking

The basic looks of Tom, Jerry, and many other characters are inherently beautiful and extremely iconic. But you can completely change and dress them in the most colorful outfits. In the shop, the interface unlock colorful and funny pirate, space, and noble costumes. Sometimes they are even based on real episodes from the history of Tom and Jerry. And although there is no specific impact on Gameplay. The decoration of the character to be more interesting and funny is still very interesting, isn’t it?

TomJerryChase mod mod

When you feel nostalgic with the old Tom and Jerry movies. And I want to have a game that I can relax at any time I like. Watching characters chase each other in all-too-familiar contexts. Then Tom and Jerry: Chase is definitely one of the best options for you. There’s nothing better than controlling your own childhood characters. Chasing in a fun and happy way on your smartphone. Download Tom and Jerry: Chase mod right now.

How to Download & Install Tom and Jerry: Chase APK for Android


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