Zombie Nations MOD APK (Menu/Onehit/Max Range) 15.0.36

Updated 01/12/2023 (6 days ago)
NameZombie Nations APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Onehit/Max Range
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Zombie Nations MOD APK Information

[ Player Menu ]

One Shot Kill
Max Range
Fast Bullet Speed
Turn Into Bomber
Add Bones
Add Bolts
Add Energy
Add Badges

Introduce MOD APK Zombie Nations

A tower defence game that challenges players to protect the earth from the apocalypse through the invasion of a wave of zombies called Zombie Nations. The plot is relatively familiar when the world falls into a severe crisis. The charge of the crowded team of zombies. They move constantly on the road and eat the surviving people, always trying to attack your base. And what is your goal here? It is to use all your abilities to prevent these zombies from invading your base. This place is the headquarters and the residence of the last remaining people.

Build a strong defence so you can be more relaxed in battle. Combine the impact of the towers you build with the combat abilities of your warriors. Players can make a row of buildings with different functions. Each tower has a separate mission with the same main goal of attacking the enemy. Suppose one of the zombies can eat this tower. This means breaking the defence barrier. From there, they can enter your base naturally. Towards the end, the number of zombies is more crowded, so players need a tight strategy.

Zombie Nations mod

Download Zombie Nations mod – Build a tower defence against waves of invading zombies.

Before officially entering the battle, the map of the battle area appears. Translucent squares appear on the screen; the player needs to choose one of the provided towers to place in one of these squares, bD dragging and dropping the towers into the desired position to build a strong defence. Players can place a row of horizontal buildings to attack zombies from a distance. Or put two rows of buildings along the path where the zombies move. Once satisfied with the lineup they arranged, the player must click the start button. Then wait for victory on your team; in the process, you can use support skills.

Zombie Nations mod apk

Skill Tower

As is known, each defensive tower the player owns has a different function. From their appearance to the types of ammunition, the weapons they use to attack are other. Players can collect many new types of towers through the rewards of victory. Or use red cards or yellow screws to unlock new varieties. Possibly a ranged tower type that shoots fireballs at enemies. Or, instead of firing bullets, the tower can emit toxic smoke that stuns the zombie team. It can also emit white smoke that has the effect of freezing, causing zombies to stand for a while.

Zombie Nations apk


Players have the opportunity to own red books by winning battles. Accumulate a lot and go to the skill library, where you can buy a lot of new skills for the towers. Unlocking and upgrading makes the buildings more and more powerful. Buy more power stats, and increase ammo from one to three in one turn. It is also possible to purchase additional defence enhancement abilities. Or buy double gold coins earned in each battle. The player can also increase the energy of the towers. This helps it to last longer in battle. Increasing accuracy in each attack is also not too strange for players.

Zombie Nations apk free

Crowded zombies

The higher the level, the more zombies appear. Along with that is the longevity of these zombies. They come from all over the world. The appearance and the way to attack you are also different. When they move into a team and mix, it becomes even more difficult for players to distinguish the abilities of each type. The zombies are dressed in police uniforms or doctor’s blouses. There are also zombies wearing the costumes of the American football team. There is no shortage of workers or ordinary people. Players must make their costumes fall to destroy these zombies.

Zombie Nations android

The fusion of towers is also a new thing that the game brings. As the player collects new buildings, yellow numbers appear on top of them. Facilities with the same appearance and numbers on top can be combined. When combined, the player can obtain a more muscular version. The higher the number on the top of the tower, the stronger its ability. Download Zombie Nations mod to build a strong defence tower in front of the base against the invasion of the zombie team.

How to Download & Install Zombie Nations MOD APK (Menu/Onehit/Max Range) for Android


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