Basketball Strike MOD APK (Unlimited money, free balls) 3.5

Updated on 07/10/2021 (2 years ago)
NameBasketball Strike APK
PublisherItalic Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, free balls
SupportAndroid 4.0+
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Basketball is an extremely interesting foreign sport. The players who play this sport are always of great height to facilitate playing football. The god-knuckles made the whole audience overwhelmed. The players compete to steal the ball from the opponent’s hand. But external conditions do not allow you to participate in this interesting subject. Come to Basketball Strike to freely play basketball without being constrained or forced by anyone.

Basketball Strike is a game with the theme of the popular basketball sport. Young people love sports activities in general and basketball in particular. When playing will feel extremely reasonable with what is in the game. Recreate epic scenes of basketball matches. The fans cheered in the fiery arena of arena. Tall and muscular players stood on the field. All of them rushed to compete for a ball that bounced up and down. Gives you a feeling of being like a real basketball player. You will be able to participate in these matches to bring victory for the whole team.

Basketball Strike mod apk

Download Basketball Strike mod – Join a fiery basketball match

Now that you have become a basketball player, all you have to do is learn how to play first. To move your character swipe left or right or rotate. The character will follow your swipe gesture and start moving. Cleverly put the ball past the opponents who are in your way. Put the ball in the basket and your players will take care of the rest. The ball will be placed upside down in a spectacular way, making the fans scream for joy. You will become the focus of the match and will be hailed as a hero. Don’t let your fans down because of you, show them your professionalism.

Basketball Strike mod download

Teams play strong

Many teams will participate in this championship tournament. They come from all over the world and have their own characteristics. Their costumes are extremely eye-catching and even a little bit monstrous. But do not underestimate their ability because this is a collection of prestigious superstars. Their playing skills may surprise you with their agility. Choose for yourself a favorite superstar team with your own shirt color. Show the world how high your basketball prowess is. Coordinate well with teammates to wriggle through dangerous enemies and successfully set the ball.

Basketball Strike mod free

Different play locations

Not just playing football in a boring and dark place like the stadium. You also have the option of playing football in many different interesting areas. These areas can be next to the beach, public courtyards in the city, or large outdoor courtyards. When you are tired of playing football in this place, you can completely move to another place. The choice of the ballpark is up to you before the game takes place. Enjoy the feeling of playing in different landscapes around the world. Feel what these football pitches give you. Each color, each brushstroke on the field has street hip hop styles. The youthful and dynamic designs make it interesting.

Basketball Strike mod android

Knock out the opponent and score

This sounds a bit illogical and a bit more like a football. But that’s okay because that’s the style of Basketball Strike. The opponents here will also try to knock you out to steal the ball. You have to practice moving to be able to dodge enemy attacks. If you are knocked, the ball in your hand will be gone and your opponent will probably score. Don’t rely on your teammates, but hold the ball yourself when you can. The teammates next to you will help you to score the most smoothly. A team that plays well together will definitely become very strong. You will be like a tank ready to stop all opponents in the way.

Basketball Strike mod apk free

Join tournaments

Tournaments will be held regularly, gathering many participating teams. They come here determined to win the prestigious championship trophy of the tournament. Their determination is as high as that of your team. Practice well to master good dodge moves. When fighting, don’t get bored with an opponent and always move forward. Win the tournament and put your team name at the top of the strongest teams. Win the glorious championship and get huge prize money. Download Basketball Strike mod and start forming your own team. Crush the strongest opponents and become the veteran basketball king.

Download Basketball Strike MOD APK (Unlimited money, free balls) for Android

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