Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Stamina/Weak opponents) 1.51.1

Updated 22/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameRival Stars Horse Racing APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Stamina/Weak opponents
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK detail?

V1: Weak Opponents

V2: Menu

  1. Unlimited stamina
  2. Weak Opponents
  3. Fast speed

Introduce MOD APK Rival Stars Horse Racing

You are too familiar with game genres such as shooting, survival or farming. Forget the genre right away and experiment with a fairly new genre. That is the genre of sports game Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Stamina/Weak opponents). This genre is similar to games about off-road racing, cars or motorbikes. But the game Rival Stars Horse Racing has much different from the racing game, which is the race horse. Thanks to this difference, the publisher PIKPOK has won a lot of support. Rival Stars Horse Racing has more than five million downloads worldwide.

When it comes to Rival Stars Horse Racing APK mod, players will not merely use the technique to win races. But players can also raise horses and breed healthy ones by themselves. And the other difference is that the player will not be able to do the races from the start. Here, they need to raise horses, take good care of them and train them. Train your horse to be agile and strong and resilient. The more carefully the horse is cared for and trained, the more likely it is to bring victory to its owner. So, please take care and choose for yourself the best breeds of horses.

Rival Stars Horse Racing mod apk

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing mod – The ultimate horse racing training arena

Rival Stars Horse Racing APK 1.51.1 is an exciting sport about horse racing. Everyone’s race horse is different. Because there will be horses that will be healthier and more resilient than training and well cared for. Initially, before coming to the racetrack, everyone would have a farm to raise horses. In order for the horse to participate in the race and be ready to compete, the owner must carefully train and care for it. And note when choosing a breed to raise from the beginning, you need to choose meticulously. Winning the race will help you win your rewards, improve your life.

Rival Stars Horse Racing free 1

New gameplay

Coming to Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK game, players will not start racing right away, but will go to a horse farm. The players themselves will be able to choose their own race horses. When participating in this game, players will experience horse breeding and horse racing. Healthy horses are cared for and raised by themselves. Both experience horse racing but are connected with the beloved war horses. Healthy horses can breed and sell bad ones for extra income. Above all, take good care of them and win the race for more rewards.

Rival Stars Horse Racing apk 1

The most important thing in Rival Stars Horse Racing is to choose a good fighting horse breed. Because the best horses will be bred for your whole farm. Then you need to take care of cleaning the barn caring for them, creating the best environment for horses to grow. And finally, select the most elite race horses to participate in the racing arena. It is possible to sell a few horses on the farm for an income to prepare for the race. Or use that money to earn better horse breeds.

Rival Stars Horse Racing 1

Build a dream farm

Join Rival Stars Horse Racing to build your own dream horse ranch. Here, you will be able to choose and breed good horses together. Create a series of the strongest fighting horses for yourself. Export a few horses for income to upgrade the farm. Change care and eating utensils, build a few new stables. Build for yourself a luxury and modern farm. Help your horses have a better and healthier living environment.

Rival Stars Horse Racing download 1

3D graphics, perfect sound

Referring to graphics, the publisher PIKPOK has indeed paid great attention. The graphics are designed in 3D like in the real world. Gives players a sense of intimacy and familiarity. The horses are designed as no different from reality. Combined with the sound of the gameplay, from the breathing of horses to the clutter of legs. Players will have for themselves a real sympathy with their war horses. Definitely thanks to that, Rival Stars Horse Racing has won a lot of praise from users.

Play as the owner of a racing horse farm right away. Pick out good horse breeds and build yourself a great farm. Join the horses to join the international racing arena and put your name on the rankings now! It is a pity if anyone skips it without trying the experience. A ranch with beautiful and mighty horses. Wander around beautiful new lands around the world through races. Download Rival Stars Horse Racing now to not miss these unforgettable experiences!

How to Download & Install Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Stamina/Weak opponents) for Android


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