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NameBoxing Star APK
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Introduce MOD APK Boxing Star

Wrestling is already very interesting to many people already. From WWE to exciting world tournaments daily, even hourly. So what do you think about boxing, surely it’s the same, right? Then welcome Boxing Star, an arena only for the most expensive boxing masters on the planet. What will you do to survive in this harsh place? Definitely stand up and fight. Only practice and top skill are the two keys to help you win. Become the champion and undefeated for the fans.

Come to Boxing Star, where fame, power, and wealth are determined by your extraordinary fists. Compete all over the world. The station is bored with the most famous boxing players on Earth. It is no exaggeration to say that Boxing Star is a place for you to show off your divine skills. If you are really a pro player. Well-versed in fighting games, then congratulations, Boxing Star is for you. As for new players, you can still shine if you work hard and persevere.

Boxing Star mod

Download Boxing Star – Become the number one boxer

The game’s Story Mode reveals the plot that you’re just a boxer. Playing in his amateur period. From the ups and downs and meaningful lessons, you will have to perfect the main character’s self. Get out of the shadow of the weak. To do one of the scariest things is to defeat the champion. With the desire to become the best boxer in the world. So from there, you plunge into practice, using skills and movements masterfully. Smart moves to dodge, counter and finish opponents. Not only is it an arena of chaos, but it also includes terrifying mental concentration.

Your weapon as well as your companion are different gloves. Bring many special features unique to each pair. Get used to them to be able to fight really well with just those gloves. Maybe it will accompany you since you were nothing. Until you reach the top of the world. Learn and develop your techniques higher and higher. Face many formidable opponents and have an admirable reputation. They are your obstacle to the championship.

Boxing Star mod apk

Step by step on the stage

It takes a long time for you to get used to the actions and skills in Boxing Star. For a reason, a direct fighting game like Boxing Star needs a lot of techniques and combos. To be able to confront especially with real players. So you should practice in Story Mode to improve your button use. There are many players who can finish a match. Only after a few simple combos with only a few short seconds. Your goal is definitely not reaching that milestone yet. But it will be enough to be able to fight comfortably without stress.

Boxing Star mod free

Equip important items

As a boxer, one of his iconic gloves is indispensable. Compared to in real life, the gloves exude a symbol of true strength. When they have a lot of types with different stats. Collecting all kinds of things not only shows off their luxury. It also enhances the outstanding power of the player. However, it is not possible to depend on them and still need the strength of the player’s skills. You can even throw a Mega Punch to finish off the enemy and the match as well. Show invincible and fearsome power to others.

Boxing Star mod apk free

Continuous promotion in tournaments

After reaching the peak of strength. The next thing you have to conquer is probably the boxing monument. Participate in minor regional tournaments. Your superior promotion will be shown by the strength and duration of the match. Next is the national tournament, and the highest is the world. Witness the most famous martial artists standing in front of you. What you will do? Make sure to let them know and go to the top of glory and nothing more. With tons of money earned, you can also buy a house, buy a car, hire a bodyguard and do anything that makes others jealous.

Boxing Star mod mod

All you need to do is prepare yourself mentally. Practice thoroughly to a master level. Ready to confront the world’s boxing masters at any time. This destiny is in your hands. Turn it into the power to put everything at your fingertips. Become a hero in the world of boxing in the most convincing way. Defeat your opponents and knock them out in Boxing Star mod.

How to Download & Install Boxing Star APK for Android


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Can you please add mod menu ? Plz

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Plss add mod damage multiplier and unlimited money plsssssss pslsss

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