Athero: Dungeon and Monster MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) 1.1.0

Updated 17/04/2024 (4 days ago)
NameAthero: Dungeon and Monster APK
PublisherAthena FZE
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Athero: Dungeon and Monster MOD APK detail?


  1. Unlimited Gem
  2. Unlimited Material
    ( Increases when you spend. For Gem, you can use even when not enough. You will unlock chests after playing a few matches )

Introduce MOD APK Athero: Dungeon and Monster

Become the hero of the world against enemies that shuffle dungeons in Athero: Dungeon and Monster. Humans fell victim to monster attacks when they flooded this world. They created a path connecting the monster world with the dungeons to the human world. So they quickly carried out waves of destruction and attacked weak humans. However, a hero stepped out and decided to make his goal of restoring the world order. And to complete the quest, you must adventure with the hero in the monster dungeon. Fight against the demons that come out of jail and keep the human world safe.

The world of humanity has been pierced by monsters and connected to the monster dungeon. Now the enemies of humanity can make continuous attacks on the planet. If the war continued like this, humans wouldn’t be able to prevail over monsters. They were born very aggressive, and the strength inside their bodies far exceeded the fighting power of humans. But the human world still has heroes who can confront attacking monsters. They will be critical in keeping humanity safe from the monster dungeon. Support the brave warriors to stop the monsters that come out of the dungeons from attacking people.

Athero Dungeon and Monster mod apk

Download Athero: Dungeon and Monster mod – Conquer all dangerous dungeons

You will be fighting the monsters right in front of the dungeons of the monster world. They created a passage connecting the earth where humans lived, and monsters were born. The monsters now need to come out of the dungeon to come and attack humans. But there is a hero who bravely guards the dungeon door and confronts the monster. You will join the hero to raid the monster dungeon and prevent them from going out the door. The journey to fight against the enemies of the world is complex, and you must increase your strength. With the brave archer, they set up a line to prevent the enemies from coming out of the dungeon.

Athero Dungeon and Monster apk

Rebel monster

You will be a brave hero in this age of monsters invading the human world. The noble mission that you shoulder is to eliminate the monsters that come out of the dungeon entirely. The world’s peace falters before the monsters attack and may be extinguished. So with the power of the defensive hero, you need to improve your fighting skills. They all come from the powerful hero’s fighting ability and can be combined. You can use the hero’s sword to slash the escaping monsters in half. Use the hero’s power and deal with all the monsters to keep the peace.

Athero Dungeon and Monster android

Hero skill

The brave hero confidently guarded the dungeon and prevented the monsters from appearing. And they are brave enough to have the fighting skills of a mighty hero. You can discover the hero’s skills as you progress through the battle levels together. Each group allows you and your hero to unlock more powerful skills. Those skills can be built and perfected by defeating monsters. Moreover, the hero can take advantage of the skill to increase the victory against the final bosses. Access your heroes’ peak power as they advance their skills in combat.

Athero Dungeon and Monster free

Fight in front of the dungeon.

Many dungeon monsters have been destroyed to reach the human world. So you must constantly move through the dungeons and stop a series of nightmares. They will launch an attack on the curved world, and you need to defend quickly. And before their arrival, you can set up a battle route in the dungeon. Before the hero’s bravery, monsters may falter and not dare to move forward. You must join the hero to destroy as many monsters as possible to eliminate the dungeon quickly. Bravely defend against the monster dungeon and fight against the enemies that escape the jail.

Athero Dungeon and Monster mod

You have begun your heroic journey by bravely stopping monsters from entering the dungeon. They are rebellious monsters and are ready to destroy any obstacles that stand in their way. So it would be best to raid the monsters, so they do not quickly attack constantly. It’s your adventure with heroes with outstanding fighting power. Using their skills will give you more confidence in the battle in the dungeon. Moreover, you not only fight for the hero’s aggression but also for world peace. Download Athero: Dungeon and Monster mod to destroy the monsters that come out of the dark dungeon.

How to Download & Install Athero: Dungeon and Monster MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android


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