Hello Neighbor MOD APK (Unlocked) 2.3.8

Updated 26/03/2024 (3 months ago)
NameHello Neighbor APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Hello Neighbor

Next to our house, there are always neighbors. They can be very friendly, loud, or extremely annoying to you, or extremely dangerous. They look like that, but maybe they hide some shocking secret. They can be an extremely secretive agent or a psychopath. You will never know without a bit of information about them. You can’t predict what might happen next. Let’s come to Hello Neighbor MOD APK (Unlocked) to clarify this issue.

Neighborhood games are always the best. We can tease them very freely like in Neighbors From Hell. But with the tinyBuild game maker, it’s not like that. They created the game Hello Neighbor APK 2.3.8 to give us a different perspective from our neighbors. An extremely scary neighbor next to your house. Is a popular PC game that has now been adapted to phones to meet the needs of players. The extremely scary tracing phase of the neighbor will make your heart skip a beat. With 3D graphics created extremely close to the cartoon. But will mix a bit of extremely horror elements.

Hello Neighbor mod

Download Hello Neighbor APK mod – Explore your neighbor’s house

A very mysterious neighbor moves in right next to where you live. He doesn’t look like a nice person at all. His extremely mysterious and confusing behavior every day makes you curious. Let’s break into his house and see what he’s doing. How to play will be no different on the pc version at all. All optimized for mobile devices. You can control your character to walk with a virtual joystick. There will be buttons like throwing, jumping, pressing so you can interact with other things in the game. Don’t let your neighbor catch you or your consequences will be dire.

Hello Neighbor mod free

Useful items

The objects that you pick up around the house will become extremely useful. They will have a certain function to help you in the quest to uncover the mystery. The boxes can help you climb to the very high places of the house. The keys in the room can open locked doors. Along with countless other trifles that can be picked up in many places. Use your wits to figure out their use. Use them effectively in many dangerous situations. Take advantage of these to be able to find other things. Gradually you will progress deeper and deeper into his mysterious house.

Hello Neighbor mod download

Runaway smartly

This is a way for you to avoid the detection of the old neighbor. In the house, there will be hiding places for you to hide in. In dangerous situations, try to get in there as quickly as possible to avoid detection. Then when he’s gone you can get out and continue looking. You must know the location of the neighbor to be able to take the initiative. This will give you more time to run faster. Move intelligently between places in the house. Quickly collect the necessary items and escape. Don’t let him catch you because that means your efforts will be ruined.

Hello Neighbor mod android

Secret rooms

His house will have locked rooms and basement rooms. They hide a lot of terrible mysteries that you cannot imagine. But these rooms will have to have the appropriate key to be able to open. You have to find his key to open it. He will leave the keys in places that are extremely difficult to get. Requires you to have an extremely methodical strategy to win it. Stepping into the locked rooms you will see a lot of interesting things. Gradually reveal the mystery of his person as well as in the past. Let’s see who this guy really is and what he’s up to when he moves in here.

Hello Neighbor mod apk free

Lots of holes to get in and out

This neighbor’s name is a loophole when it comes to letting you in and out. The open windows make you have convenient roads. An empty attic is also a place where you can go in and out as you please. When he is discovered and chased, you can take advantage of these paths to escape. Use thrown objects to get in his way. Try to find shortcuts or hidden passages in the house that make it easier to find. Download Hello Neighbor MOD APK to explore the house of the eccentric and mysterious neighbor, find out what’s cool in it.

How to Download & Install Hello Neighbor MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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