60 Seconds Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Rebirth) 1.74.0

Updated 09/12/2023 (1 day ago)
Name60 Seconds Hero APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Rebirth
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Introduce MOD APK 60 Seconds Hero

When the world is engulfed in disaster, that’s when everything becomes chaotic. Existence will be threatened, and we must fight it at all costs. Only those with enough talent can bring salvation to this world. With 60 Seconds Hero, they will find a way to save the Earth from its tragic fate. Fight against evil forces to prevent things that shouldn’t happen again—an adventure in thrilling and fascinating journeys.

Idle games are gradually becoming popular with many players at the moment. Mainly it will suit those who like simplicity and are always busy. 60 Seconds Hero also followed that trend and became one of the niche options. The characteristic of this type of game is to play less but enjoy more. Leave the net but can still enjoy the same benefits as when you are comfortable online. Not only that, but 60 Seconds Hero also owns an interface that is easy to manipulate and grasp.

60 Seconds Hero mod free

Download 60 Seconds Hero mod – Save the Earth with heroes

Our beautiful Earth has been completely brutally destroyed. Only the heroes survived. They couldn’t stand to see it happen. So they went to the goddess of time and made a deal full of trade-offs. Time has been reminded, and now they have a second chance to save it. You will be the one to help them fight threats from everywhere. Heroes will automatically fight continuously to complete the objectives. Gold coins will be collected continuously by killing monsters. Use this money to train your heroes to help them improve their fighting power.

It can be upgraded in many different ways, such as using gold or honor points. Each hero, after reaching a higher level, will have greater damage. The process of completing the task is also shortened significantly. The more you play, the more likely you are to go to harder challenges.

60 Seconds Hero mod download

Hundreds of characters

Many heroes will stand together to fight for the common goal of humanity. Hundreds of characters with different designs and styles will be available in 60 Seconds Hero. Many characters are designed according to the epic characters of different cultures. Heroes will be divided into their specific professions. Feel free to choose any character to add to the battle ranks. Increased power for even more difficult challenges. Each character will own a few unique skills to help the attack. These skills will be automatically used on the opponent continuously, and you do not need to control them.

60 Seconds Hero mod apk

Summon the Gods

Do you know why 60 Seconds Hero mentions 60 seconds? This is the mechanics of the game because every 60 seconds, you can summon a god. This god has great power and can help our warriors. There will be four different types of goods from Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. You can also upgrade to increase the attributes of these gods. Can transform into anyone you want to help in battle. Players can use the god to speed up their battle even higher. They are our valuable companions on this trip.

60 Seconds Hero mod apk free

Equip Weapons

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your character, you can go to the store. This is the place to sell useful equipment for you to upgrade your squad. There will be hats, armor, shoes and finally swords for you to buy. These weapons will give special abilities. Increase the process of collecting gold, damage, or lifestyle for warriors. But there must be a sufficient number of required items to be able to own them. Once you have that amount, don’t be afraid to buy more of these. It will also contribute significantly to speeding up the process of leveling up and completing quests. Let your army enjoy good incentives.

60 Seconds Hero mod android

Challenge the demon king

The demon king was the one who caused the imbalance and pushed the world into catastrophe. Killing him is the chance to bring peace to the world. He possesses a huge amount of energy and can crush anything. If your opponent is not strong enough, it will most likely be blown away. Defeating this demon king will also gain a lot of valuable loot. There is also a chance to collect a rare level god from accompanying the team—a well-deserved reward for your efforts in the 60 Seconds Hero mod.

How to Download & Install 60 Seconds Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Rebirth) for Android


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