Riot Escape MOD APK (Menu/Kill Everyone) 0.6.2

Updated 17/05/2024 (6 days ago)
NameRiot Escape APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Kill Everyone
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Riot Escape

Riot Escape is about escaping in the city, escaping from the policemen trying to catch you. Depending on the player’s role, you must control the character to move around the city. This city is going on a riot; many dolls are pouring out into the streets. Different colored dolls represent fleeing refugees. They run away from the arrest of the mobile police in pursuit. The player can escape from this place by Just reaching the location that the game requires. Or destroy the corresponding number of refugees; the player can win and be rewarded.

On this escape route, there are many objects scattered everywhere. The fight against riots threw the people of the city into chaos. Broken buildings, damaged and unclaimed vehicles, and smoke bombs appeared everywhere. The policemen all carried a red baton. Just encountering a police officer, the player immediately loses and has to start the game from the beginning. Players can also use the objects on the road as obstacles to the police. Run and jump on the roofs of cars or branches so the police can’t react in time. As long as you reach the location of the waiting truck, you can escape.

Riot Escape apk

Download Riot Escape mod – Escape from the arrest of the police officers in the city.

Your character moves continuously at a constant speed. What players need to do to get to where they need to be is navigate the character. Swipe on the screen if you want to perform operations such as turning left or fitting. For the character to jump to high places, the player must slide his hand forward. Also, slide your hand down to help the character bend over the tunnels. Run toward the green arrow on the way to reach the destination. The place where the truck that rescues the player is located has a green arrow pointing straight down from the top. Stepping on this truck, players do not need to worry because the police will not be able to catch it anymore.

Riot Escape mod apk

Game mode

Riot Escape offers two main game modes, corresponding to two roles in this escape. One is becoming a migrant who needs to run away from the police. The main goal is to find the truck carrying these people to escape the city. The second is that the player becomes the city’s righteous policeman, holding a baton. The player’s task in this role is to capture the fleeing migrants. Put on a police hat, hold a baton, and chase these people. Touching them means catching up and catching these villagers. Just touch the people running away. They will turn white and fall.

Riot Escape mod


If the player plays the role of a police officer, there are actions to support your team. These actions make your team more robust and faster to win. One is to create more obstacles; the other is to increase the number of police officers participating in the battle. On the emigrants’ escape route are roadblocks set up by the police. People just touching these obstacles can lose. Includes red spikes of the size that can block the road. And if the player wants to increase the police, they must spend money. Depending on how much money the player spends, the number of police officers will also differ on each game screen.

People’s Team

In addition to becoming a policeman, if the player joins the people team. Players can get support such as the ability to fly, fewer police, etc. Depending on the level you face, the game will provide additional support. In addition, there is support to disappear all obstacles on the road. Or the player can equip the character with skates to can move faster in the fight. Each time the player runs, he leaves footprints and smoke the same color as his body. This is the sign that makes the police team chase the character constantly. The player can also wear a helmet, assisting the player in a capture.

Instead of changing appearance like other escape games. Going to Riot Escape, players can change their character’s color. This is quite interesting when players can change many different colors. Control the character to climb to high places to prolong the escape time. In addition, decorative hats or helmets can be added, and shoes and clothes can also be changed as long as the player can unlock the items the game offers. Download Riot Escape mod to join the tight chase of police and migrants in the city.

How to Download & Install Riot Escape MOD APK (Menu/Kill Everyone) for Android


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