Apple Knight: Action Platformer MOD APK 2.3.1 (Unlimited money, apples/unlocked all)

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NameApple Knight: Action Platformer APK
PublisherLimitless, LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, apples/unlocked all
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Inspired by the famous Mario legend series. Combined with many elements of other popular game platforms, Apple Knight has been created. A game that can be played on mobile platforms. If you play the game a lot, you will know that the plot of most of the games is the warrior in the process of saving the world. There will be a lot of enemies and traps to overcome. Apple Knight is the same, but our hero will have a few differences. Not just super strength. We will also learn a lot of mysterious stories behind them.

The story is about a rapist who loves to eat apples, on a journey to defeat the demon king of this flat world. With all the knowledge required of a platform game, you will adventure with the knight until the end. Fight with all the villains waiting in front. With the simple design of the game, just move from left to right. But the different challenges won’t be as easy as Apple Knight’s design. You may even discover a lot of interesting mysteries that are still hidden.

Apple Knight mod

Download Apple Knight mod – Adventures of the apple-loving knight

If you play many games like that, you will know that your task is to destroy all the enemies included in the game’s plot. On that journey, you will have to overcome many different enemies. Use the sword in your hand to fight and defeat them all. 40 different levels represent 4 worlds. With each level, there are 10 levels to play in a certain area. Move to the end of each level to unlock the next level. Force you to go through all to be able to go to the final battle. It is obvious that in the process, you will be upgrading all your powers.

The levels in the game will have terrain types such as stairs. Many high places can be jumped to. Caves or abysses, not just a straight line. It takes a lot of skill to be able to move proficiently. The environment of the villages and steppe is very well represented. Occasionally there will be secret passages for you to find interesting treasures. Chests are scattered everywhere for you to open and receive items. Not to mention the apples you can collect on every level, which our hero loves.

Apple Knight mod free

Design your own character

Our main character can be male or female, depending on your preference. Character creation is not so important but only depends on the time you go through the levels. If other games give players the power to own all the power from the beginning, Apple Knight will do the exact opposite. You will have to look for sources of power everywhere, bypassing the levels in the world. Or there is another way to search for secret passages. Collect a lot of equipment and necessary skills. There will be times when you need a certain type of skill to pass a certain level.

Apple Knight mod apk

Impressive boss fights

Confronting enemies outside the levels is a widespread thing that you have to do constantly. As for the bosses, it’s completely different. When fighting the boss, you and the boss will be taken to a certain place. They have a certain limit, and you will not be able to run out of that area. The only way to escape is to confront the bosses directly. They have special powers that are different from other ordinary monsters. There are 4 mini bosses with a lot of skills. If you do not prepare and dodge in time, you will lose many times. But that’s nothing compared to the game’s final boss. Let’s warm-up to prepare for the final battle.

Apple Knight mod apk free

Leaderboard Challenge

The leaderboard is always chaotic because you will always be competing for rankings with other players here. There are many categories you can register for, such as the highest game completion score. Achievement of killing all the bosses of the game. Further, self-proclaimed records such as completing the game in the fastest time. Used by professional gamers with the term Speedrun. There are many other records for you to learn and prove yourself. This global game will use every player’s rating as the benchmark.

Apple Knight free

Apple Knight is a breath of fresh air but brings extremely nostalgic experiences to gamers. If you have played Mario or other platform games in the past, you will certainly feel very familiar with the details and titles brought. Sometimes we will find many interesting things as well as great memories with this mobile game. Apple Knight mod is currently completely free for everyone.

Download Apple Knight: Action Platformer MOD APK (Unlimited money, apples/unlocked all) for Android

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