Animal Shelter Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.366

Updated 16/05/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameAnimal Shelter Simulator APK
PublisherDigital Melody Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Animal Shelter Simulator

Animal Shelter Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) brings moments of experience with pets, you are the one taking care of them every day. You love animals and find ways to rescue them and help them survive again. These animals were abandoned in a remote place, without human help. You appear as a savior, cleaning, nurturing and building a home for them. A new life begins here, wearing a fresh beauty. You have fun taking on these challenges, treating them like children, creating the best thing to give. Players to own a large-scale pet camp, gathering many different types of animals.

You witness with your own eyes the fate of being abandoned, they are like a new born baby. They are immature, weak and need love in many forms. You handle the day’s tasks, side challenges are done to increase wealth. You need to ensure a source of income to expand your empire and have more opportunities to shop for pets. They need to eat, rest and play to make up for the injuries they have suffered. The mission is not burdened with the issue of winning or losing, you need to focus on the development of a pet. The number is increasing rapidly, you single-handedly take care of and manage this farm.

Animal Shelter Simulator apk

Download Animal Shelter Simulator mod apk – Perform pet rescues

Dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals were placed on the emergency list. They come from different points but share the same fate of being abandoned. In the process of having to find their own way to live, they suffered many injuries both physically and mentally. His face was initially sullen, he no longer had enough strength to save himself. Animal Shelter Simulator poses many pitiful situations that make you unable to sit and wait without doing anything. Because of your compassion for animals, you proactively look for unlucky animals to bring home and raise. You try to accumulate a lot, have a good life and be happy with your actions.

Animal Shelter Simulator mod apk

Improve health

The first step when you adopt an animal is to clean it, it has not been bathed for too long. Please put them in a separate area, use specialized shower gel, scrub the outside surfaces and rinse with water. External appearance can affect internal health through skin diseases. Be a little busy and get the dirt off their bodies. After each bath, they seem to be transformed, wearing new clothes. Keep them clean and fragrant to refresh your spirit. Animal Shelter Simulator APK prepares all the tools so you can complete this mission as quickly as possible.

Animal Shelter Simulator android

Create entertaining activities

After they regain energy and are healthier than before, they will enter the enjoyment phase. These animals can frolic with considerable frequency, so you need to go free. Take your pets for a walk in the streets, opening up a fresh world to their eyes. They have been locked up in tight spaces for too long, it’s time they were freed. Fresh air stimulates dynamism in each animal, creating new joy every day. Animal Shelter Simulator APK mod finds ways to make this adventure interesting through pet-related activities. You create a playground on your own farm, easily managing and developing.

Animal Shelter Simulator apk free

Finding customers

Animal Shelter Simulator APK 1.366 creates a closed circle, adopts, cares for and finds new homes for pets. Players pay increased attention to customers, they need to be moved to a better place. Your farm gathers potential animals, then sells them. However, the form of buying and selling here is mindful, not focusing on profits. Your compassion for animals is real, you want them to be happy in their new home, so you also carefully choose your customer base. Players take care of the pet little by little until it is adopted by someone else. You must ensure that when they come to their new owners, these pets are still pampered.

Animal Shelter Simulator mod

You are for the future of your pets, seek resources and have a development plan. The empire you own is increasingly expanding with many functional areas. Players plan each piece of land, building new rooms for pets. They will stay there until they find a new owner who will truly love you the way you do. Entertainments are formed more, serving their dynamism. Players investing in facilities is always the right step because there are more and more pets that need to be rescued. Animal Shelter Simulator MOD APK maintains the lives of poor abandoned animals.

Mod features of Animal Shelter Simulator

  • Unlimited Money:

Players can do business by finding new owners for pets. Every activity created makes the animals happy again, they will reward you with satisfaction. Maintain the existence of this farm in the long term to save more pets.

How to Download & Install Animal Shelter Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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