Idle Cult MOD APK 3.2 (Unlimited Money)

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NameIdle Cult APK
PublisherWazzapps global limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Diamonds (spend as you want even don’t have enough)
2. Unlimited Money (exchange with diamonds)

Idle Cult is a simulation game where the player will be the leader of a cult. You will be the one who wants to bring the world evangelism. As a missionary, he has the essence of a devious genius. You are the one who can get the most important philosophies of the Illuminati to this world. Gamers must run their cult professionally, starting from the most minor things. From the sleeping place and the dining area to the place to conduct religious worship. All of these things, as a sect leader, you have to manage. Not to mention the problems that arise during the operation.

Until now, city or farm building simulation games have been popular. You can play the mayor of the city or respected village chief. Build houses, households, and essential structures for your city. In addition, you also have to deal with the problems that arise when the residents’ lives are in trouble. So what if you were a missionary, the leader of an entire sect? Sounds interesting, isn’t it, when you get not only respect but cult. Believers obey every command and believe in every philosophy without hesitation. Play Idle Cult to grow the cult.

Idle Cult mod

Download Idle Cult mod – Grow your cult

When encountering the first images of Idle Cult, players may have some questions. There have been many games that simulate daily activities happening in the real world. There have been many famous city-building simulation games like Little Big City. Players will manage in their hands a large city and take care of its residents. Or, as with farm simulation games like Hay Day, the player will need to develop the plantation. But now, with Idle Cult, this is a good simulation game with a new idea. The Illuminati Church needs influence, and you will be part of it. Bring the teachings of the association to your followers.

Idle Cult android

Novel cult simulation

The game maker of Idle Cult offers a world with a bit more of a dark bias. A sectarian organization was established, built on a headland surrounded by the isolated sea. This is probably a very suitable location for religious and spiritual activities. The missionary and his followers can absorb the most profound philosophies possible. Studying the sutras while immersing yourself in the air is a very poetic idea. Let’s go through some of the main activities of this bizarre cult. The first activity that needs to be mentioned is none other than the wonderfully organized religious sessions. You are a missionary, will wear a particular outfit, a mask shaped strangely. The person presiding over the religious practice will stand on a stone pedestal and say sacred verses. Devotees will bow in neat rows, clasping their hands to show respect.

Idle Cult apk

Upgrade facilities

For a sect to survive and grow, essential facilities are indispensable. These areas are components for players to develop their management ability. Let’s go first to the most critical area of ​​a denomination, the mission area. At first, this place was just a cleared area; the believers had to kneel on the ground. The missionary can only stand on a stone platform to speak; what about after upgrading? When upgrading the religious class, the followers will have a seat and a wooden platform for the teacher. Next is the cooking area, serving food for everyone in the sect. This area was originally just an open-air wood stove, looking relatively poor. But after being upgraded, this place will become a spacious and polite restaurant. There will be big dining tables for worshipers and a seating area.

Idle Cult mod apk

Real situation

In a village, there will always be individuals with diverse personalities and qualities. These individuals can lead to unnecessary conflicts because of their views. And in the world of Idle Cult, such situations are entirely reasonable. And the player is the one who has the ultimate role in resolving those conflicts. Specifically, in a sect, there are bound to be male and female followers. It is inevitable that between such opposite individuals, a relationship may arise. However, the organization’s regulations when coming here are to practice, not to find a life partner. Therefore, players need to prevent these incidents.

Idle Cult apk free

A game that simulates the establishment of an entirely new cult. Gamers, as a leader and missionaries, need to build a strong cult. Download Idle Cult mod to become a member of the Illuminati and lead the followers to the right spiritual path.

Download Idle Cult MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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