Monster Battle MOD APK (Unlimited Currency) 14.07

Updated 31/10/2023 (1 month ago)
NameMonster Battle APK
PublisherTap Pocket
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Monster Battle

Immerse yourself where monsters live and mutate in a world in Monster Battle. The dream of experiencing other worlds and adventuring in the new world will have a chance to come true. You will collect the monsters, and the journey to raise them will be up to you. Build harmony among the monsters so that they become your strongest squad. The environment of monsters needs to be protected to give them peace of mind for their survival. Taming mutant monsters to make them more friendly on your island. Make a world full of wild monsters peaceful in your place and teach them how to fight.


Tamed monsters will live in the castle you build in the game. Find wild monsters outside and bring them back to your court. Taming them to give birth to baby monsters by raising eggs in the castle. Rebellious new monsters get life to your castle. The monster’s muscular form will amaze you with what they possess. The strength of your court depends on how big or small the monster looks. The more massive the monster’s appearance, the greater the power they use in the formation. Develop their appearance on this basis to perfect your squad’s strength.

Monster Battle mod

Download Monster Battle mod – Build a mutant monster castle

Open up an island to nurture castle monsters and build monster forces. Then, adventure through monster islands and capture mutant monsters. Nurture them and make them precious in the squad by developing their strength. New monsters created in the castle will give you new life. Use the requirements of the game to build a rich system of monsters. Gradually develop nightmares instead of being impatient with the low strength of the squad. Get ready in a state of battle, and you will build a magnificent castle by yourself. Win rewards from the competition because monsters will consume many tips to become strong.

Monster Battle apk

Open up a new castle world.

Overcome many challenging places to unlock new locations along the way. You will design the components of the castle with moving arrows. Discover the rank of monster cards and collect them in formation together. Participate in possession of mutant cards through events generated on the island. Use monster-powered cards to fight head-to-head with different fighting styles. The spaces where monsters reside in the castle are built from battle bonuses. Expand the court, so the newly spawned monsters do not encounter limited development. Instead, create a castle habitat for your monsters to live comfortably.

Monster Battle android

Monster cards

You will have the opportunity to find monster cards that represent their hidden power in them. You can imagine monsters with their symbols on the outside of the cards. You will display the rank and mutation level, and you can choose between taking and not. Demons are summoned through your cards and appear in giant forms. The higher the attribute of the monster, the greater the power of the beast you own in the squad. Use monster cards as your ticket to adventure this mutant world. Ready to summon animals with powerful mutant abilities in the team to fight.

Monster Battle mod apk

Battle reward

Your army of mutants must set out against untamed monsters on a deserted island. Collect and make your army stronger and become the most invulnerable. The difficulty of the stages will increase and can become infinite with the continuous appearance of monsters. Try to match the strength of the monsters in the castle to the enemy’s power. The stronger the enemy, the greater the reward for killing them. Thorough calculation and the most reasonable tactics to help you win all enemies. They can be defeated by several attacks of monsters you are in the squad. Accumulate rewards from combat so that mythical monsters are created.

Monster Battle free

The monsters on the map appear randomly, and you must collect them all into the castle, taming all mutants and upgrading them to form and tremendous power. The monster squad can become invincible by winning every battle with the enemy through matches. The reward after successful training helps you to upgrade the monster. A powerful team will appear in your castle by collecting monsters. Download Monster Battle mod to build a castle full of wild monsters and conquer other castles.

How to Download & Install Monster Battle MOD APK (Unlimited Currency) for Android


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