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Updated on 20/05/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameAddons Detector APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Although playing a vital role in the constantly developing technology era, not all mobile applications guarantee the safety and privacy of users during use. If the user is a little negligent, all his personal information will be leaked to the outside immediately. Most of the applications on the market today will come with many extensions, and some of them may cause adverse effects on the device and user experience. So, Addons Detector was launched with the sole purpose of helping users manage and remove unnecessary or malicious add-ons. At the same time, optimize the memory capacity and improve the system’s performance.

With the arrival of Addons Detector, all things like spam messages, ads, malware, dangerous applications, and countless other annoying add-ons will be removed in a flash. Thereby making the user’s mobile device much more efficient and productive.

Addons Detector mod apk

Download Addons Detector mod – Remove unnecessary add-ons

Addons Detector is a practical application that can create a safe, private space on the user’s mobile device by finding addons, ads, and spam and removing them quickly. Quickly so that the phone is not interrupted or disturbed, it allows users to check all the applications available on the device and provides all the necessary information to get the most transparent view of the applications they own. There are two ways to remove add-ons: Manual and Automatic; users are allowed to change flexibly depending on the function of each application. With a powerful scanner, no application or malware can bypass the firewall and security system of Addons Detector.

Addons Detector mod

Scan and trace quickly

All applications a new user installs on the device must go through the Addons Detector scanner to check and find the addon categories. This operation will take place exceptionally quickly; in just a few seconds, all applications will be wiped clean. Thanks to modern tools and useful features, this application will help users to detect spam ads, unauthorized links, and malware hiding inside applications automatically and remove them. Please leave them in a flash. Additionally, Addons Detector provides users with complete information about their downloaded application, such as name, author, and requested access permissions. Thanks to these things, users’ private data will be protected while having more understanding of applications and avoiding unwanted risks.

Addons Detector mod android free

Prevent the return

Not only does it remove unnecessary add-ons quickly, but Addons Detector also has a compelling blocking feature so that those addons can’t return. Many applications will automatically re-add addons after removing them, but this application will prevent that entirely. So users will only need to remove add-ons once and never have to worry about them coming back again. It is a great feature that helps users save time and effort in managing and solving their add-ons. With the strict protection of Addons Detector, all user data and personal information on the device will be kept safe, ensuring that no software or people can intrude.

Addons Detector mod apk free min

Minimalist interface and clean layout

Addons Detector has an easy-to-see and simple interface but still shows its unique features, promising to bring users a joyful experience. The clear layout of this application, everything inside is intuitive, and the content is easy to understand. Therefore, users will not have to spend too much time learning but can still get used to how to use it quickly. You can efficiently operate on Addons Detector whether an experienced user or a novice. The application will have detailed step-by-step instructions to answer questions if the user does not understand anything. In addition, do not forget to share this application with friends, relatives, or colleagues so that everyone is protected from personal information.

Addons Detector mod android

Download Addons Detector mod that detects and removes unnecessary extensions of applications present on mobile devices.

Download Addons Detector MOD APK (Donate) for Android

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