Greenify MOD APK 4.7.8 (Unlocked Donate)

Posted 8 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameGreenify APK
PublisherOasis Feng
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Donate
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Greenify is probably a unique application ever to appear on smartphones because it can handle many tasks simultaneously. Typically, managing the operation of applications, saving battery capacity by many different factors, improving the task and smoothness of the smartphone many times. It can be said that Greenify is not biased towards a specific field at all. This is a comprehensive application in all aspects to help keep smartphones working at their best. Always operate at its maximum capacity every day to serve users. Exactly, this is an application that any smartphone should have.

Bear the green symbol of the leaf, symbolizing control and improving the functioning of things. Greenify will check all existing problems on your smartphone. From the Background Activity of the whole app, battery quality affects many factors. Put your smartphone in top working condition. Avoid many external influences to operate more efficiently. Delivers smoother motion and actions than the original. It can’t fix everything, but it will clean up dangerous data that shouldn’t be on the smartphone.

Greenify mod

Download Greenify mod – Comprehensive protection for your phone

Greenify will put your smartphone into hibernation when you are not using it to provide the most optimal performance for smartphone operations. This is to ensure that the functions in the application are interrupted, and it does not consume more space when we are not using the phone anymore. At the same time, hibernation also improves many features and tasks in smartphones. Applications will still work after being restarted. It can be said that this is a feature that helps your smartphone to “rest” after a long time of working at total capacity. Help all after returning to be operated more efficiently.

Greenify mod apk

The administrator of the phone

The main task of Greenify is to test all the applications on your smartphone. All of those apps will be available on Greenify. You can tap on each app to see its information and origins. Know how long it has been active on the phone. Any unusual access to data will be immediately reported through small notifications. Extract some unnecessary files to make the application work more smoothly. Above all, still to improve the performance of smartphones. Everything is as perfect as possible.

Greenify mod apk free

Free and convenient operation

Greenify does not need any background launcher to work. When the smartphone activates hibernation, all applications will be shut down in the background. So they cannot function in any way during this time. But Greenify doesn’t need that. It will automatically work itself to enable hibernation. So there’s no need for a background launcher to perform basic operations. These operations are incredibly light and do not require any alternative applications. With low capacity consumption and good improvement ability, it is always appreciated and used very often.

Set up automatic notifications

Every time you need to do something, Greenify will notify you through the smartphone screen. Notifications will show when it requires you to act on the phone. Or go to fixed time frames and let the machine rest, set an appropriate schedule to notify you at that time. Selecting ad-free mode removes many annoying ads from the device. Automatically opening the application when there is a notification will not make you miss any necessary activities. Take a short time out of your day to take care of your phone for the better.

Greenify mod free

Since its launch, Greenify is still favored by many users because of its simplicity of use and brings many visible results quickly. If you want to improve some tasks and applications on smartphones, don’t ignore Greenify mod to accompany you.

Download Greenify MOD APK (Unlocked Donate) for Android

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boom bam pop barabop pop pow
boom bam pop barabop pop pow
6 months ago
Rating :

It keeps exiting me or logging me out

It doesn’t work
Please fix
Thank you

Also may I request a game to mod?
Can you mod Gauthmath please?

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