ClevCalc MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 2.20.11

Updated 08/11/2023 (1 month ago)
NameClevCalc APK
PublisherVitaly V
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.3+
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Introduce MOD APK ClevCalc

The calculator is one of the essential tools to calculate quickly. That’s why computer emulators like ClevCalc were born. There are times when you will forget your computer for meaningful work and then use ClevCalc as an alternative calculator for you. However, it is not a real thing, but just a virtual computer. Regardless of the convenience of holding and portability, it still has the full functionality of a regular computer. So even using it for any object is highly reasonable, from students to people doing calculations.

This Korean-made application has all the functions of a regular computer and adds a few other exciting features that handheld computers can’t have. This is a convenient solution when you forget your portable computer. Moreover, your smartphone is something that always follows you wherever you go. So integrating a calculation application on the phone is entirely reasonable.

ClevCalc mod

Download ClevCalc mod – A convenient, fully functional virtual calculator

You are probably very familiar with handheld computers in everyday life. Not only solve calculations from simple to complex, but they can also perform complex maths such as equations, graphs, etc. To meet that need without a cumbersome calculator bulky in hand. The ClevCalc application was born. You will still perform operations on the computer, and however, that computer will now be integrated into your smartphone. So you can add a computer to the most modern tool you have. There is no need to add a relatively large handheld device to the bag.

In addition to performing simple calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, ClevCalc will help you complete difficult problems with more complex functions. Just tap the items on the screen to switch the process you need. It works like a real app. But still, ensure the user experience is not changed too much. The most obvious proof is that there are many simulation operations similar to real-life handheld computers.

ClevCalc mod free

It supports many different types of math

From addition, subtraction, multiplication, division to more complex forms such as squared, square root… ClevCalc will all give you the fastest and most accurate results. In addition, it also supports many complex calculation formulas such as equations of two unknowns, three unknowns… Graphs of functions in any form, matrices… More specifically, it will display the answers. The project is complete and detailed. It will not be as challenging to understand as handheld computers because of their display limitations. For a smartphone application, it will certainly perform much better. So in some instances, even with a handheld computer, users still want to use ClevCalc.

ClevCalc mod apk

Easy unit conversion

You will have a hard time distinguishing metrics like m and km in complex problems. Sometimes there may be a mistake between inches and centimeters. Use the unit conversion function now to make things easier. You can determine how many pounds in 1 kilogram and other essential values with this unit conversion mode. This cannot be easily ignored as just one mistake in the unit can lead to many errors and terrible consequences. Adding a unit converter is one of the essential human decisions, and it helps us avoid unnecessary mistakes. ClevCalc is no exception.

ClevCalc mod apk free

Set important notifications

Although not one of the leading notification applications, this function of ClevCalc still brings certain benefits to your life. You can calculate BMI directly to get an overview of your body condition. Or is my GPA enough to help me achieve many academic achievements? There is even a separate mode for you to determine your menstrual cycle for women. Although it is not possible to deliver many functions beyond expectations, this application’s accuracy in calculations is unquestionable. Use it when you don’t know how to calculate something precisely.

ClevCalc free

There are still many points that ClevCalc cannot replace compared to a standard handheld calculator. However, it can go far beyond portability and versatility. In addition to complex math and calculations, convenience and scheduling are also worth your attention. Download ClevCalc mod to calculate and do more than you think.

How to Download & Install ClevCalc MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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