Zombie Royale io Offline Game MOD APK 2.6.6 (Dumb enemy)

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NameZombie Royale io Offline Game APK
PublisherBOLD CAT
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Zombies are surrounding the world in Zombie Royale io Offline Game. The zombies in the city will try to capture all the players to make up for their lack. They will look for you everywhere, using your brain to replace theirs, like a predator. However, who the predator is yet to be determined. To fight zombies, you will be provided with various weapons, and so will others. And in this mob world, don’t trust anyone. Other players are ready to eliminate you to gain life. So be careful and protect yourself against both the zombie and other players.

In this world, people who oppose you exist everywhere. Fight with all creatures in the zombie world. Always keep yourself mentally alert because you don’t know who will attack you next. The zombie has now infected those who were once your kind. They only know how to walk and search for those still alive, taking their lives. They are unconscious and become weak when alone. But what about when they gather in flocks? Are you sure you can stop an army of aggressive zombies, ready to rush when they see you? Find your answers in this game.

Zombie Royale io Offline Game android 2

Download Zombie Royale io Offline Game mod – Survival level

Test your survival skills by surviving in an aggressive zombie world. The apocalypse begins when they flood the city. Zombies gather in various places like deserts and farms. You and others must hide from their hunt. Once there is the presence of life, they will come and destroy all. But you can’t hide forever, become a character in this game and find the path that gives you life. Then, put on various weapons and use them to destroy all the zombies. Stay alive, come out from this zombie-filled world, and prove your superior survival ability.

Zombie Royale io Offline Game mod

Finding the life

The brutal zombies in the city are always looking for life everywhere. You are like a candle in the dark in a world full of death. You are fire, and zombies are like moths. You have a special charm with them, and they will rush toward you. They surround you from all sides, extinguishing life on your side, making you part of them. Find and equip yourself with valuable tools to fight off zombies. A stick is a viable option when you come across several of them. But it will be useless when you confront a swarm of zombies. Instead, use weapons flexibly, destroy all zombies, and bring life to the whole city.

Zombie Royale io Offline Game mod apk

Against fellows

A world that zombies are slowly destroying will bring many other terrible things. One of them is the metamorphosis of your fellow human beings. You will see the selfishness of each person with the appearance of zombies. So instead of uniting against the zombie army, each person now knows only their own life. So those people are ready to beat you, take your life for them. Now, in addition to facing zombies, you must watch out for others. Don’t give up for the sake of fellow human beings who want to take your life. Instead, raise your vigilance, defeat the selfish, and try to survive in a disorderly world.

Zombie Royale io Offline Game apk

The circle of death

A limit on combat will be set to make the game more dramatic. After a specific amount of time, the circle will shrink, forcing you to step inside. Your life will be limited to the range of a circle. If you step outside this limit, you will be destroyed by the circle, not by the zombies. However, you will also eat the zombies fresh when their number becomes too much. To avoid being cornered by this horde of monsters, try to kill as many zombies as possible. Your survival rate will also significantly reduce when you are locked with other players with zombies. Remember, don’t be left behind!

Zombie Royale io Offline Game free

The zombies in the game will give you the feeling of facing the apocalypse. First, find a way to hide from these monsters. Then, use the weapons you find, defeat the zombies, and find a way to survive. Also, keep your distance from those who want to approach you. The flood of the zombie has leveled the city, corrupting everyone. You don’t want to know what those people want to reach you for. Download Zombie Royale io Offline Game mod to eliminate people who only think for themselves and survive among zombies.

Download Zombie Royale io Offline Game MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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