Cookies Must Die MOD APK (Menu, God mode) 2.0.99

Updated 19/12/2023 (7 months ago)
NameCookies Must Die APK
PublisherRebel Twins
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Cookies Must Die

Cookies Must Die an action game against evil mutant cookies. The cookies are often used to make delicious food or cute characters in the game. But some lousy name has changed the Gene and the structure of the cookies differently. They get up and attack, and the player’s mission is to destroy them. Find out who is the evil mastermind behind arrest him before the law—action in a beautiful world full of colors and combat weapons. Features welcome action game Cookies Must Die players, fascinating through the game screen and the fierce battle of blood and fire.

Improvise the use of weapons and choose the right location for all kinds of difficult situations. Use combat shooting skills and use all different types of firearms: smooth dodge animation and simple manipulation combined. Create a chain of skill manipulation combinations that combine the highest quality. Cookies Must Die wishes to bring players the most entertaining action scenes with the game—an adventure into a beautiful world and an elite strong Jack character. Improve your skills and gameplay to overcome all challenges. Find the path of truth for the character Jack when injected with mutant powers to save the world of this game.

Cookies Must Die mod android

Download Cookies Must Die – Fight with evil cookies.

Confectionery is added to a  mysterious recipe that can stand up and attack. Jack is the character the player is incarnated and accompanied in this game. Cookies Must Die, with the story of Jack being injected with more power from the government and assigned to the task and a massive arsenal of weapons to fight. Confronting all kinds of candy is the enemy of the players themselves. They are exploding with the confectionery world’s most catastrophic and exciting battles. Most enormous big candy explosion ever in the game world. Cookies Must Die is an epic boss behind what promises to be a super fun destination. Players find purpose, advance with superhuman fighting ability, and raise their scores to compete with friends for more fun.

Cookies Must Die mod android free

Deadly confectionery

Candies with many different types of defensive attacks in this game. They mutate and have many different styles that mutate over game time. Cookies Must Die with many opponents who are different types of candies and miscellaneous variations. Fight freely and learn about the war-gen mutant sweets. Solid death chocolate or delicious lollipops and cookies. But why are they so cruel with so many offensive weapons? There’s nothing more exciting than confronting such strange new enemies. Intimidation comes from such sweet and delicious things. It’s so attractive and compelling that players don’t hesitate to try Cookies Must Die.

Cookies Must Die mod

Weapon movement

It’s easy to get used to this candy-fighting action Cookies Must Die game. But it’s tough to become a combat master in this game. Must practice and masterly manipulate different types of maneuvers and weapons. Dodge and fly and run fast everywhere to fight the candy hordes. Use powerful weapons that deal extra damage in the game Cookies Must Die. Get lost in this evil confectionery battle quest matrix. Improve the combat skills of the players themselves. Practice shooting well and moving well to fight the enemy. The whole world’s mission and future are in Jack’s hands. The character and the players themselves will be immersed in the game.

Cookies Must Die mod apk

Moments with achievements

It’s fun to clear a milestone in the game to assert skills. Take that as a basis to compare and compete with friends in the game. Cookies Must Die game stages and weapons that need to be unlocked. The players will be assigned tasks and actions to fight the evil candies. Exciting moments of brutal combat collect more trophies and level stars in all types of war.

Cookies Must Die mod apk free

It has nice combat effects with evil enemies, but there’s something adorable about it. Sweet but evil, everything is so strange in the game Cookies Must Die. Ready to shoulder the responsibility with Jack to save the world when injected with the Power Gene. Download Cookies Must Die mod to act with Jack when he is implanted with a mutant gene from the government to fight off the evil mutant cookie.

How to Download & Install Cookies Must Die MOD APK (Menu, God mode) for Android


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