Zombie Hunter Sniper MOD APK (Unlimited money) 3.0.58

Updated on 07/02/2023 (2 months ago)
NameZombie Hunter Sniper APK
PublisherGenera Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Zombie Hunter Sniper gives you the noble mission to rescue humanity from great danger. Pandemic is spreading everywhere, monsters are trying to infect people. The police force is overloaded, unable to save all the people. With the ability to shoot accurately, you will be the hero holding the weapon and killing the undead trying to spread the virus to others. The head is the position where you lose the least bullets to destroy, aim to shoot and make their body shatter. Protecting the people calling for help is your mission. If you let them get harmed by a monster, the quest in Zombie Hunter Sniper is considered incomplete.

The main character’s life is not threatened by monsters. But it doesn’t mean you can spare the monsters, otherwise, destroy them will continue to infect others. If you are expecting that your kindness moves them to act well, then immediately abandon that desire. Even if you die and get infected, you do bad deeds. Viruses controlled all activities of the monster, not the zombie. In Zombie Hunter Sniper you have no way at all, use your existing ammo to stop this destructive spread.

Zombie Hunter Sniper mod

Download Zombie Hunter Sniper – Save humanity from being destroyed by monsters

Honking police car, people calling for help, a situation like a riot. If you want to stop this, you should try to do a good job of not letting the monster rage any more. Before entering the game screen, you will be previewed what is happening to know how to handle. For example, a monster is infecting someone less fortunate and continuing to do so with the rest of the population. Accept the misfortune of the other person and protect the survivors with a gun. If you want to enter the battle too, the player can skip the story. Although the main weapon is Sniper, the Zombie Hunter Sniper comes equipped with additional weapons. There are many rifles to assist you in missions with many monsters nearby. Localize this outbreak and prevent it from spreading to other areas. Do everything you can while you can.

Unlock the map

Monster extermination campaigns take place in many locations. The spread of viruses is a terrible fear to mankind. Earth has been hurt in many places and you need to plan this big campaign. Each place you have many battles with days of continuous attack. Prepare the ammunition and weapons and enter the monster subjugation with a ready posture. Jacksonville, Caravan of the dead, Amusement Zombie, Dead port, Artic Z, these are all self-spots with dangerous monsters. Weather is the factor that makes it difficult for players to recognize monsters, look quickly to identify them. In each location, there will be different conditions such as destroying 5 monsters before they infect 1 person. At a minimum, you must achieve what the game screen requires.

Zombie Hunter Sniper mod download

Weapons and supplies

There are two usable guns, the Sniper and the rifle. You can stick with the Mosin M91 / 30 or choose other guns. M24, M6 Elite, Dragunov, M110, AK-47, M16, UMP45, in arsenal have everything you need. Every battle always has the right weapon to bring the highest combat effectiveness. If you are lucky to have all of the above guns then you have a huge advantage. Using Zombie Hunter Sniper MOD is also a quick way to buy a whole set of weapons. Plus, supplies you with some basic support options. Spanky Bars, hollow bullets, radar cells, bazooka, or a dog, these are all quite useful aids.

Upgrade more powerful guns

To save ammo, it’s not just up to you to hit a monster’s danger spot. Upgrading weapons significantly increases the power of the gun. Limit the number of reloads, saving more lives. While reloading you cannot do anything when you see monsters harming others. Sometimes situations like that cause tragic outcomes to happen. Returning to the upgrade, each weapon has 4 categories of Power, Zoom, Stability, and Capacity. Level 4 is the highest level, you choose the gun you use regularly and raise the maximum limit. Try to compare before and after the upgrade and then share in the comments to let us know.

Zombie Hunter Sniper mod apk

Zombie Hunter Sniper brings a noble mission for players to participate in the campaign to wipe out monsters. When the police force is gradually overloading, gunners like you have a huge role. Do not let the determination to destroy the monsters is diminished. Your actions are the positive ones in the ubiquitous dark setting. Download Zombie Hunter Sniper MOD use the weapon to destroy monsters, rescue all innocent people.

Download Zombie Hunter Sniper MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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