MemesWars 2 MOD APK (Free shopping, god mode, unlocked all) 1.1.30

Updated 21/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameMemesWars 2 APK
MOD FeaturesFree shopping, god mode, unlocked all
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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MemesWars 2 MOD APK Information

GodMode Vehicle
Free Shopping
Max Level
Max XP
Unlock All
Kick Players
No Ads

Introduce MOD APK MemesWars 2

MemesWars 2 is a first-person shooter action game. With a pretty funny character interface that can be adjusted. Participate in many different game modes with exciting details waiting for players to discover. The main screen is the character you choose after choosing the desired game mode. The player is taken to a city area. This place has the necessary places, such as lawns, houses, and roads, … In the first-person perspective, the player carries a gun while hiding and looking for a target. Your job is to shoot down as many enemies as possible. Focus on shooting down the opponent in the first meeting to avoid resuscitation.

Built on the mobile platform, MemesWars 2 brings a familiar operation. Players are provided with a virtual steering wheel on the left to be able to control the character to move. On the right is the location of special operations such as shooting, throwing grenades, switching weapons, jumping,… There are symbolic images corresponding to their functions. For example, if you want to throw a grenade, the player clicks on the moss green grenade image. To change guns, click on the interface image of the gun on the screen. There is a yellow arrow in the bottom corner that helps players jump up easily. From there, players can easily manipulate with both hands to control the character.

MemesWars 2 mod

Download MemesWars 2 mod – Shooting in the first person as funny characters

The novelty of the game is that it allows you to spawn different items for the fight. All buildings, vehicles, planes, monsters, animals,…or even lay eggs to chase the enemy. In addition, the character you control also has a fairly simple and changeable design. It takes a while for players to find the right styles and costumes for your character. In particular, MemesWars 2 allows players to jump high, on walls, roofs or in the air. From there, it is possible to create new campaigns to attack enemies by surprise. Or launch fog to shoot enemies from above or from a distance.

MemesWars 2 mod apk

Character change

After winning bonuses in battles, players can go to the shop to find new skins. In this shop, there are many things for sale, from character skins, guns, cars, weapons, and pets,… The character’s body is built from different parts. There are two main types of skins: humanoid and ball-shaped. In the human form, you can buy different types of faces. For example, she has long black hair tied on two sides. The guy with the eyes is two Xs, the head is a yellow leash hat. She has long black hair with a chic face. Or the policeman with a beard and striking black sunglasses.

MemesWars 2 apk

Equip Weapons

As a shooting game, the main weapon of the player is, of course guns. MemesWars 2 offers a treasure trove of pistols, rifles, AKs, double-barreled guns, cowboy guns, and more. There’s also a sharp hacksaw with a red handle. The treasure of cars is even more spectacular when it gathers all kinds of cool four-wheeled vehicles. The moss green off-road vehicle looks a bit old. Striking yellow sports car. There were also giant tanks with barrels that fired different types of ammunition. Players can also equip hats, shoes, eyes and change the character’s mouth. Bring cute pets.

MemesWars 2 apk free

Game Modes

MemesWars 2 has 3 main game modes including battle, sandbox, and deathmatch. Each mode has different fighting methods, but the main purpose is still shooting competition between players. In battle mode, players can also team up with other shooters. Join large-scale battles to win lots of valuable rewards. Sandbox mode, players are transported to a large world with other players. Here, players drop everything you have, from pets, vehicles, animals with weapons and related objects. There will be strange and funny things going on here.

MemesWars 2 android

There are many novelty elements that are locked and cause curiosity for players. In deathmatch mode, which is a PvP battle mode, players face off against other enemies. Maximum of 8 teammates in a turn, it has a red heart in the left corner of the screen. Every time a team member is killed, a purple fruit turns gray. Keep an eye on the two blue and red figures above the screen. This is the number of allies and enemies destroyed in the battle. The side that reaches the eight mark first must lose. Download MemesWars 2 mod that opens a gun battle between funny characters.

How to Download & Install MemesWars 2 MOD APK (Free shopping, god mode, unlocked all) for Android


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