Knights Fight 2 MOD APK (Stupid AI) 1.7.1

Updated 19/08/2021 (2 years ago)
NameKnights Fight 2 APK
PublisherVivid Games S.A.
MOD FeaturesStupid AI
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Knights Fight 2 MOD APK

Knights Fight 2 is a fighting game fighting the style of medieval knights. The game will take you to the world of bloody arenas. You will transform into a heroic knight and defeat the predestined enemy with weapons in hand. Use your skills and strategy to fight 1 on 1 until the right side falls. Life and death are all in your decision. There will be no room for hesitation, finish off the enemy as soon as they have an opening. To assert your name in this fierce world, pick up your sword and let your enemies know who is the strongest in this arena.

The game is extremely competitive in the fighting game genre. Knights Fight 2 will bring gamers a game that requires skill and assertiveness. Combat style and motion effects are designed to be extremely lively. Sharp 3D images, epic sound. New gameplay emphasizes creativity to create attack chains. The diverse quest board increases with increasing difficulty with level. The huge arsenal of swords, blades, hammers, axes, and armour can all be upgraded. The battle maps will also be unlocked after each battle you fight or after completing the quest. You can also choose from many other battles like, BLEACH Brave Souls.

Knights Fight 2 mod

Download Knights Fight 2 mod – Transformed into a gladiator knight

Knights Fight 2 will give players the real experience of melee combat. As a fighting game genre, so the competition is fierce. In the game, the player will transform into a knight. You will use familiar weapons and complete assigned missions. You can also fight with other players in ranking mode to gain attractive rewards. Knights Fight 2 also has many attractive built missions. The plot is like a heroic medieval movie about swords, armour, blood, and heroic knights. Interesting game modes and a compelling storyline make for a great game.

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Create a fighting style with tactics

Starting the game you will play the role of an unknown knight in hand is a basic sword. Through each battle gradually improve skills and names. You will control your character directly and fight with other opponents. As a fighting game, Knights Fight 2 will focus on 1-on-1 battles. You can slash opponents with combos created by yourself. Can also defend, dodge and wait for the opportunity to launch critical blows that will make them unable to turn back. As a fierce fighting game, just open a hole and you will become a piece of meat for your opponent to sharpen. Consider your strategy carefully before entering the ring.

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Weapons and equipment

Knights Fight 2 gives players a huge arsenal of weapons and equipment to choose from. You can purchase them in the store or get them after completing the quest. Weapons and equipment can both upgrade their stats. Each weapon and different equipment will give players different stats and uses. For example, if you use an axe or hammer, it will bring high damage stats but decrease attack speed. If you use swords, focus on armour penetration and speed. The types of equipment are also very diverse such as armour, hat, gloves, shoes,… When you upgrade, they will help you become stronger in each battle.

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Missions and rewards are rich

The plot of Knights Fight 2 is based on the stories of the medieval knight’s era. So that the game will give players very attractive missions and follow the storyline. You will need to complete each mission to learn more about a mighty period that dates back to long ago. The rewards after completing each mission are also extremely attractive. Weapons, equipment, and money are the things you’ll get after completing the quest. You will also receive new skills and points to upgrade them. New maps and lands will be unlocked gradually after each battle.

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Based on sharp and vivid 3D graphics, the game will give you a very realistic and dramatic experience. The size of the game is quite low and can be easily installed. Download Knights Fight 2 mod and show everyone your ultimate fighting ability. Use your skills and mindset to become the best in the tough arena. Start fighting together and get the opponent to kneel in front of your blade. Fight for glory the way medieval knights did. Pick up your sword and become a hero in an age of swords and castles.

How to Download & Install Knights Fight 2 MOD APK (Stupid AI) for Android

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