Zombie Hospital MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.5.0

Updated 21/10/2023 (2 months ago)
NameZombie Hospital APK
PublisherHot Siberians
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Zombie Hospital

Zombie Hospital, where you immerse yourself in a terrifying space. Become a hospital tycoon in a world full of zombies. A unique and novel business model. Your task is to build and make this business model grow. A business service that you never thought would work is a medical treatment for zombies. Your goal when taking charge of this hospital is to restore the zombie patients’ health here. Are you ready to become a manager at this unique hospital full of zombies?

An epidemic occurred that caused most of the people to become unwilling zombies. Bringing significant and severe consequences to this city. Now, when the epidemic is over, the recovery of the previous repercussions is on your shoulders. A critical task. You have discovered a new healing formula to restore the health of the villagers who turned into zombies. Avoid spreading widely throughout the region with significant global impact. Help them get back to their usual routine.

Zombie Hospital mod

Download Zombie Hospital mod – Healing zombies

Zombie Hospital will bring players a fascinating experience when you become a tycoon who owns a sizeable medical area. You will have to start by operating a medical examination system. Asking for no loopholes can help patients recover quickly after the period of fighting with zombies. The remaining survivors in the city are searching for a method. To treat people who are infected in the town. This urgent needs you to do quickly to avoid spreading out of control. Your goal is to improve the health of as many zombie patients as possible.

Zombie Hospital apk

Urgent mission

At Zombie Hospital, the task brought to you is also quite simple. The number of medicines, machines, equipment, etc., from a small initial clinic, will be minimal. Your hospital model needs to be developed over time. Becoming the most potent medical center in the region is your hospital’s vision to achieve. Let’s immediately start building medical clinics. Laboratories for research and production of drugs for timely treatment of patients. Besides the equipment and play area, relax. Those are also things that you must promptly build and immediately equip your hospital. Manage all patients so the world won’t be spread by the epidemic again.

Zombie Hospital mod apk

Prevent the spread and development of pathogens

The zombies at the hospital have different levels of infection. There will be patients whose infection level is high. Their behavior can be against or even attack healthcare workers to spread pathogens to them. At first, it will be difficult for them to agree to receive treatment here. As a psychiatric hospital, you should constantly monitor the health status of the patients. This will help you come up with the proper treatment for each patient. Hospital cleanliness is the most important thing you need to pay attention to. Don’t let a small stain from the disease spread more. Just a tiny mistake in the operation can destroy everything you have built.

Zombie Hospital android

Enable zombie healing

Measures to heal and return the patient carrying the zombie disease back to normal. Has been allowed by Zombie Hospital for players to use. The game provides different resources or areas for players to focus on saving zombies. You will experience the process of researching new technologies to improve zombie healing results. Pay close attention to the individual condition of each patient. To be able to assign them to separate areas for better care promptly. To ensure good treatment as well as care for patients. It would help if you also considered hiring additional staff in charge of each stage in the hospital. Leading technologies, as well as treasures, help hospital management. It will bring you incredible discovery.

Zombie Hospital apk free

Rescue people from epidemic attacks. This is an urgent and essential task for you right now. Zombie Hospital brings you new experiences. To be the winner of the game and achieve your goals. Requires you to have intelligent and sophisticated strategies in how your leadership operates. Download Zombie Hospital mod to rescue the city from the epidemic. Restore people’s health and use the best hospital in the area.

How to Download & Install Zombie Hospital MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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