Idle Anomaly: Alien Control MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) 0.10.0

Updated 18/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameIdle Anomaly: Alien Control APK
PublisherHot Siberians
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, resources
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Idle Anomaly: Alien Control MOD APK

Earth is a seemingly peaceful planet but is hiding many secrets. Players will become researchers in the engaging simulation game Idle Anomaly: Alien Control. With a genius mind and top-notch ability, players receive a government mandate to research objects of unknown origin appearing everywhere on their planet earth. On an ordinary day with his research work in the cold arctic continent. Players of the game Idle Anomaly: Alien Control came across an object with a strange structure. With a unique name, Obelisk, it certainly comes from the vast universe out there. Obelisk appeared without a sound at the North Pole through some mysterious power. It has a strange shape with undulating lines and is as big as a tall building.

The appearance of strange objects in Idle Anomaly: Alien Control is both a fear and a joy. Glad that the players will have more new things in their research work. But something of unknown origin is always dangerous, be alert at all times. When the government learns of Obelisk’s existence, the game players will be commissioned to become the head of the research team. All the necessary things for the study of the strange object Obelisk will be supported by the government.

Idle Anomaly Alien Control mod android

Download Idle Anomaly: Alien Control mod – Join the research and fight

The player’s job is to start building the ultimate scientific research empire. An Obelisk research station will begin to be erected and surround it internally. As the leader, the players of Idle Anomaly: Alien Control must perform well. Do everything necessary to keep this place running smoothly while maintaining information confidential. The staff in your research station will still work day and night without stopping. Even if players are not logged in, all activities will continue. Come back at your leisure and get resources collected in your absence with the touch of a button. During the base construction, the player must encounter the onslaught of alien monsters armed with galactic guns and ready to fight!

Idle Anomaly Alien Control mod android free

Build a research station

Idle Anomaly: Alien Control game with extremely familiar construction and management simulation genre. But this game is unique because the players will build a national research station. With simple operations, the players were able to make a research station. With a vast scale, this research station will need many workforces to operate. Let’s recruit more employees and buy the equipment the research station needs to develop. There are many laboratories to study strange creatures appearing around Obelisk. Each organism needs to be taken to a different laboratory to conduct research. Requires players to expand their research station continuously, upgrade equipment, and arrange and allocate staff appropriately to operate the work efficiently.

Idle Anomaly Alien Control mod

Mysterious research objects

Players in Idle Anomaly: Alien Control will research countless strange creatures. The purpose of this vast experimental station was to discover the power of Obelisk. The player obtains resources from the object, the Obelisk, to serve the development of the earth. In addition, players need to find strange, alien monsters that appear next to Obelisk and send them to isolated areas to prevent them from carrying infectious diseases. All these activities of the player must take place under highly mysterious circumstances. It will be a big deal if it is unfortunate to reveal any information from here. Join the government to work under the aegis of the government, uncovering hidden secrets. They research day and night to come up with valuable inventions for the development of humanity.

Idle Anomaly Alien Control mod apk

Research and protect

In the process of catching aliens and strange monsters, there will be times of negligence. Players will not be able to control all the creatures in the universe. So let’s build a solid defence from the strongest warriors. The government brought them in to protect the research activities of game players. Completing the quest can unlock more warriors and help the player’s staff to continue their research without being disturbed by terrible monsters. Fully exploit the rare resources that extraterrestrial beings bring here. Upgrade the research station from the inside out, and buy more equipment to support research. To be able to study creatures and alien objects in space carefully.

Idle Anomaly Alien Control mod apk free

Download Idle Anomaly: Alien Control mod shows the outstanding leadership of the game players by fulfilling their duties in the two areas of management and protection of the research station.

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