Dragon Castle MOD APK (Unlimited money/New mine) 15.0

Updated 11/01/2024 (4 months ago)
NameDragon Castle APK
PublisherTap Pocket
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/New mine
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Dragon Castle MOD APK detail?

1. Unlimited Coins (never decrease when you spent)
2. New Mine (make it even don’t have any coins)

Introduce MOD APK Dragon Castle

Build your unique dinosaur ecosystem in the game Dragon Castle. Step by step expand the wild land, increase the area of ​​land to nurture dragons. Breed dragons with powerful blood inherited from dragon warriors. Take dragon warriors to the battlefield to fight and win against wild dragons. Use the winnings to buy more dragons and tame them. Control dragons to participate in the journey to explore the land, build more shelters for dragons. Witness the battles of dragons with intense turns. Defeat new dragons to collect them on your roster.

Make the process of expanding the castle land into living sacred dragons. Explore the existing ground and buy potential dragons. Use dragon eggs to create new dragons with new bloodlines. Turn your land into a place full of exciting experiences with the variety of dragons that inhabit the area. Expand your territory to become as large as possible, collect as many dragons as possible with different forms. Each form of each dragon represents each stage of their power. The larger the size, the greater their fighting ability. Try to nurture and develop to strengthen and maximize the strength of the squad.

Dragon Castle free

Download Dragon Castle – Build the sacred dragon land

You will experience the initial difficulties and gradually get used to the new life in the game. A life surrounded by creatures that exist only in the human imagination. Now, you not only get to see the shape of dragons but also have the opportunity to become a dragon trainer. Learn each dragon’s essential characteristics, leading them to the battlefield to fight. Build the strongest squad, defeat the wild dragons one by one, to sweep the entire map. Taken into a whole new life, trying to navigate a world full of wilds. Use your abilities to build a land that nurtures powerful dragons.

Dragon Castle apk

Powerful dragons

Expand your land to become a breeding ground for dragons. Create separate areas for each dragon to live and train. Once the dragons mature, breeding them creates a new species. Choose the best eggs so that they become an exceptional help when they grow up. You can use the winning items to train the most powerful dragons. Upgrade each dragon until they reach maturity in life. Evolve them to the ultimate form to be able to find mighty dinosaurs. Check their combat stats to create an invincible dragon army.

Dragon Castle android

Battle of the dragons

In the world of Dragon Castle, you will witness battles between animals that only exist in the human imagination. Now you can learn and discover the character of this enormous animal. Command dragons around the map, helping you explore the world. Your journey will face wild dragons. Lead and arrange your squad to defeat those dragons. You will unlock new dragon species if you beat them convincingly. Refresh your team by looking at the factors to be able to find the strongest dragon. Become the best dragon trainer, master the disputes between dragons.

Dragon Castle mod apk

Castle expansion

With their huge size, the dragons will make your land cramped. The lack of living space will limit the full development of dragons. A good dragon trainer is someone who cares about the lives of dragons. Build a separate area for each dragon, creating a harmonious living environment between them. Build and upgrade buildings to get more space to breed dragons. Use the money to be able to expand and build more habitats for each species. Besides, you can nurture your dragons by growing plants. Expand your castle and create the best habitat for your dragons.

Dragon Castle mod

Dragon Castle opens up the challenge of training animals that come except for the human imagination. There, you will meet dragons with many different forms and characteristics. Find and train the strongest dragons from them. Lead this powerful force to victory in battles with wild dragons and expand your castle. Use existing dragons to be able to breed new dragon species. Download Dragon Castle mod to be able to build a land to nurture dragons and become a dragon trainer in this world.

How to Download & Install Dragon Castle MOD APK (Unlimited money/New mine) for Android


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