Zombie Defense 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money, onehit) 0.8.4

Updated 24/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameZombie Defense 2 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, onehit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Zombie Defense 2

A game with a combination of the goalkeeper genre, but with a bit of real-time strategy. That is Zombie Defense 2, which has added many more valuable improvements than part 1. The game will be a mixed battlefield of the army and expanded strategy. Although not new to the market, it can still bring a different perspective and gameplay to gamers. Most are inspired by games of the same genre. You will have to use existing knowledge and resources. Create matches in the most intelligent and perfect way for yourself.

The collection of warriors in Zombie Defense 2 is what creates diversity in battles. With most battles, there is the threat of crazy zombies. They intend to destroy the peace of the human world. Although you don’t want to, you will have to use cruel ways to win. Creating advantages for humanity as well as bringing the undead to the brink of doom. In addition, players can experience many other thrilling games such as Idle Stickman Heroes, or Kick-Flight.

Zombie Defense 2 mod mod

Download Zombie Defense 2 mod – What makes soldiers fight the undead

In the first level, the number of zombies and warriors is very limited. Therefore, the first game screen will not be too complicated. It is for you to grasp the gameplay as well as learn more about the elements of the game. The content of the game screen is simply that you will summon the warriors of the earth. Aimed at combating the zombies attacking in a certain area. There are two main types of resources: food and fire. Use food to summon auto-battle warriors. At the same time provide many useful items equal to the amount of fire obtained.

We will confront many different types of undead. But they share their own species. The special thing is that they are dressed in modern equipment no less than humans. Destroying them will give us resources to continue summoning the war. Mainly undead types such as dog zombies, mad savant zombies, zombies driving combat machines are very diverse. With over 45 quests for you to explore and solve them all. You will be considered a real strategist.

Separate warrior units

You will also have to get used to the warriors to use them smartly on the battlefield. Warriors from the earth are not inferior to the undead. Summon them in matches with your own available resources. For example, a warrior with a knife will consume 15 resources. While the camouflaged warrior holding the gun will take up to 25 resources. The strength of each warrior depends on the number of resources consumed. And you can also replenish explosive crates, bombs, and grenades with other resources to aid in battle.

Zombie Defense 2 mod apk

Change vehicle with stats

The vehicles that appeared behind the match seemed harmless. But they are what make up the warrior’s enhanced strength. The interesting thing is that you can change that vehicle for something new and much more powerful. You can notice that after buffing up, the vehicles will change in stats from health to damage. Just use your not too large amount of money to own a completely new vehicle. Even more attractive special skills and attributes are received.

Various levels and missions

Not to mention the main and side quest systems scattered throughout Zombie Defense 2. Most are made very easy to complete and receive rewards. Sometimes you will need to pass the old levels again. The goal is to complete side quests that were previously impossible to complete. For example, only use a single type of warrior at a certain level. Or defeat the attack of the undead in a shorter time than usual. If you can do it well, the game will reward you with the most special gifts.

Zombie Defense 2 mod

With many activities that you can do in the game. From tactical combat. Consult useful knowledge or learn about enemies and warriors. Zombie Defense 2 is a pretty simple and fun game. For you to experience everything in the funniest way. From fighting to protect the Earth, naughty and fun with the undead. Or learn more simple tactics to send them off to a faraway place. In this place, you are free to do everything to your liking. Plus on a simple and compact smartphone. Download now Zombie Defense 2 mod and show your ingenious arrangement skills with your friends.

How to Download & Install Zombie Defense 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money, onehit) for Android


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