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Updated 16/10/2023 (4 months ago)
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BADLAND MOD APK – is an excellent place to maximize your imagination when everything around you is the same colour, and you must discover different ways to overcome obstacles. Object. Exciting action adventures await you, with many other surprises—a beautiful forest with countless captivating scenes and various tree species sprouting and taking root everywhere. The main character you will control is a resident of this forest, a somewhat mysterious place. There is something wrong, and it has prompted your curiosity to explore.

The environment around the game will bring a sense of curiosity and novelty to players because it is not simply forested, but deep inside, many other unusual domains and features that seem as if no one has discovered them yet. Once you have determined the game experience, you will not simply play but enjoy the miracles of human technology when the manufacturers have created a vibrant, captivating place. Eyes combined with a highly excellent game plot will make you unable to stop trying to play more. Prepare yourself to enter a magical world filled with magical colours.

BADLAND mod apk free

Download BADLAND MOD APK – Control the fat bird to explore the mysteries of the mystical land

Lands and forests are often characteristic of life and represent the proliferation of organisms on Earth. Each country, continent, and territory will have forests with countless flora and fauna. All of them combine to create magnificent ecosystems. However, not all ecosystems are friendly to humans, as the creatures inside that forest also have to survive. They have developed extremely scary hunting and defensive instincts. The impact of the tribes inside the forest will turn that place into a death trap for anyone.

BADLAND mod free

The fat bird is curious

He is the main character that you will control to start this journey. This big round bird is a forest resident who has lived here for a long time. He seems to represent human curiosity for things we don’t know, understand, or see. With all that in mind, this fat bird decided to discover what made other people feel so terrible. He can perform basic bird movements like flying, jumping, walking and other exciting things you must learn.


Place of mysteries

For the main character and the people living in this forest, this seems to be a place that is too familiar to them, and they always feel like this is their beloved home. Many diverse creatures inhabit the forest, and it has a growing tree system, but deep inside, it still hides something that the residents cannot explain. They feel afraid, insecure and threatened. When you go deep inside the forest, you will realize it is an entirely different world with many architectural works built. It seems like someone has been here before.


Deadly ruins of a civilization

Creatures will appear in tiny numbers within that area, or new species will appear. The ruins left behind here represent an extremely advanced society that once flourished. But as you go deeper inside, you will see many space gates, deadly traps and giant machines. It seems that is the reason leading to the disappearance of the residents here when those machines and weapons have the sole purpose of killing.

BADLAND mod apk

Life-or-death clashes

The primary story mode requires players to be highly focused on handling situations and surrounding details to understand what is happening. But if you want to have fun, you can invite friends to play with you in life-and-death mode. A giant wheel with no way out and four people will be locked inside. In the middle is a sharp saw blade; if you push your opponent into it, you can win. Do it right now at BADLAND MOD APK.

How to Download & Install BADLAND MOD APK (Free Shopping) for Android


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