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Updated 17/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameKick-Flight APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Kick-Flight

People have always dreamed of being able to fly to this vast sky. Immerse yourself in the melody of the cool breeze blowing through your hair. Fly with nimble little birds through the trees. With increasingly advanced technology, that dream will not be far away. In the future, there may be universal flying devices for everyone. But if you want to experience those things early, you can try playing Kick-Flight to start your journey.

Designed exactly like an anime on television. With characters that are cared for in a meticulous and sharp appearance. Modern technological graphics with a vision of the future and the most realistic sound. Kick-Flight Will be a bridge for you to an extremely rich and interesting fantasy world. The world of the future with the most advanced technologies everyone uses. The fierce and fierce aerial battles of dynamic young people. A colorful anime story with touching details about friendship. This is a free game that is worth taking some time to learn and play in your spare time.

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Download Kick-Flight – Join the air combat

A flying tournament is held in a big city with many young talents gathered. Here with their flying shoes, they will have to race to the finish line. Whoever finishes this long way first will be the winner. The control mechanism is extremely simple with just one finger. You will have to carefully study the instructions of the game to be able to best grasp how to play. If you ignore this flight tutorial, your gameplay will be extremely difficult and catastrophic. Use swipe gestures to attack enemies or turn left or right. Train to be the elite player who wins the flying tournament that brings in rewards.

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Smooth action

Kick-Flight is optimized and carefully built with smart technology. These operations will have extremely low latency for the most responsive and smooth experience. You can rotate your view 360 degrees and see the whole scene. Enjoy the game with a majestically recreated track scene. With these sensitive maneuvers, you can handle very quickly with difficult turns. Smooth control of the fighting character is like experiencing the 120hz screen. Bringing you the most extreme quality and fair matches. Practicing sharpness for smooth turns is how you can win high-speed matches.

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Talented players

This tournament will bring together different players from across the galaxy. They are the most talented people in the sport. Their goal is towards the championship of this biggest tournament. Everyone has bravery with great techniques and weapons. To win the tournament you will have to work hard to become stronger. Choose your favorite player or unlock other players on the list. Use rewards from races to unlock them. Fight with them in this fiery match for the ultimate victory. Don’t let your chances of victory slip away because of small mistakes in combat.

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Collect diamonds

You won’t win if you just fight blindly. There are diamonds scattered across the arena that you need to collect. There will be orb-shaped machines that you can load diamonds into. Diamonds after loading into the machine will be counted as one point for your team. If the team has more points, it will win in the end. So try to collect the most diamonds even if it costs you your life. As long as your team’s score is higher, the opponent will have to admit defeat. So try to coordinate with your teammates to create a methodical strategy. Defeat powerful opponents and advance to the glory of this tournament.

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Unique fighting style

A talented player will always have his own substance to make a difference to the world. Finding your own way of playing is self-development. Use your character’s skills in combination to create a beautiful combo. Defeat the opponents in front of them and lead them by a huge margin. Apply the knowledge when playing to be able to draw useful experiences. Bring your fleet to the top on the road to the prestigious championship. Download Kick-Flight mod and start putting on cool flying shoes on your feet. Enter the arena with confidence and courage in your heart, defeating formidable opponents.

How to Download & Install Kick-Flight APK for Android


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