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NameZArchiver Pro APK
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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ZArchiver Pro is a unique archive just for storing files inside smartphones. Along with that is the ability to protect and affect these files for many different purposes. The Pro version of this app has even more functions related to security and protecting the user’s eyes. This is an ideal tool for you to trust and store files. So that ZArchiver Pro doesn’t even need an internet connection. So sharing and moving documents will be very easy. If you need to unzip and download, you still need a stable network connection.

This application stores files in a normal state and provides additional decompression tools specifically for large files. The reason is that smartphones only have a specific storage limit. If there are too many large files in the space, it will affect the phone’s operation more or less. You won’t even have enough space to download more apps. Therefore, these files will be decompressed to a moderate size. Suitable for storage in order without causing overload.

ZArchiver Pro mod

Download ZArchiver Pro mod – Protect files with many unique methods

The list of folders will appear right in the main interface of ZArchiver Pro. They are given different names so that you can distinguish them and know what files they contain. Click on each folder to view the most intuitive and straightforward way. Click one more time on the given file to operate. This includes considering the file’s information. You will know clearly where the file is from. It is downloaded simultaneously with which application and when is the download time. What is the current average size? There are many things that you need to take care of and do. Just missing a little will also cause the smartphone to be overloaded.

ZArchiver Pro mod apk

Perform file operations

Of course, we have to perform many operations on the files to work. ZArchiver Pro has all the common and most important operations to analyze a file. You have options from decompressing files immediately, unzipping and moving to another folder, checking file information, and downloading instantly if there is compatibility. Or view the file to see what kind of document it is for you. You will use these functions very often. Feel free to rename the files as long as they don’t overlap.

ZArchiver Pro mod apk free

Sure data security

This feature is more limited for some other apps. Few file storage applications have security features like ZArchiver Pro. Select the file you want or even a large folder. Set a password for them so that no one can get in. This will be important for your work-related data. Put a long and complex password that only you know. The possibility of data loss will be lower and lower and almost non-existent. Because even without a password, ZArchiver Pro still demonstrates the ability to store information exceptionally effectively.

ZArchiver Pro free

Safe theme change

With different working conditions and nature, you will have to use smartphones in general and ZArchiver Pro in particular in many situations, which may have to be used in a dark space. ZArchiver Pro is also highly psychological regarding the pre-designed dark screen mode. The light will be significantly reduced and less harmful to the eyes. You can perform tasks for a long time without causing too much impact. So using ZArchiver Pro in many environments is also very convenient and less harmful to health.

ZArchiver Pro mod free

Your documents and essential information will be completely safe when inside ZArchiver Pro. Use a safe security function and safe mode for the user’s eyes. ZArchiver Pro mod deserves regular use to make your work more convenient.

Download ZArchiver Pro APK for Android

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