Wakey MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 9.0.3

Updated 25/01/2024 (1 month ago)
NameWakey APK
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Wakey

It is annoying that when we accidentally leave our mobile device or tablet behind for a while, the screen will automatically turn off whether we are playing games, watching movies or immersing ourselves in music. Music. To solve this problem, users can download Wakey and have the device screen always stay on without touching it as often as before. Whether you are accessing any application or even doing nothing, the device’s screen cannot be turned off with the application. A perfect choice for users who like their device’s screen always to be kept bright but still have to save battery power, even at the highest brightness, this application does not consume too much battery capacity. Where is the user?

With this application, the user experience on the device will be significantly improved and enhanced, and the inconvenience of the automatic screen-off feature will be removed. Game levels will proceed smoothly, and movies and entertainment videos will play freely as long as you want. However, it is essential to note that Wakey cannot support Xiaomi devices running MUIU 8 because it is difficult to control the screen of these devices.

Wakey mod

Download Wakey mod – Remove the hassle of automatic screen off

Wakey is a unique application with the exciting feature of keeping the user’s device screen bright no matter what he is doing. With three main modes: AppWake, FaceWake, and ChargeWake, users can keep the screen on while accessing applications, when looking at the device and when connected to the charging cord. All activities on the device will not be interrupted by the automatic screen off most devices on the market. Additionally, Wakey users can fully adjust the brightness levels from Really Bright to Super Dark, change flexibly depending on usage and at the same time, protect their eyes, and encourage people to use it. The user should not activate the Bright level when using the device in poor lighting conditions or the surroundings are too dark.

Wakey mod apk free

Adjust the brightness

Wakey can always keep the user’s device screen on in different modes; depending on the intended use, the user can change them flexibly. It has brightness levels of Really Bright, Dim Light and Super Dark, respectively, so no matter what brightness, the user’s device will continue to function normally without frequent touching to maintain it. Maintain. To activate the Wakey application is also very simple; users can manually touch the giant light bulb icon in the middle, and when it needs to turn off, feel it again or use the notification bar. Newspaper also. And Wakey does not consume battery at all, even with the brightest mode on, so users should not turn on the Battery Saver feature to avoid affecting its performance.

Wakey mod apk

Keep the screen on when accessing the application

Usually, when the user has no more actions on the screen, only one or two minutes later, the net will automatically turn off, which will be highly annoying and very easy to lose interest if the user has accessed Some apps to play games or enjoy movies. And users can completely fix this with the Wakey application by activating AppWake mode; users can keep the screen always on while in any application. There are two options: to support the screen brightness for all applications on the device or to keep the light on only for a few special applications depending on the user’s preference. Now the user’s process of playing games or enjoying movies will always be smooth and smooth, can not be disrupted any more.

Wakey mod android

Keep the screen on while looking and charging

The two remaining unique modes of Wakey are FaceWake and ChargeWake, respectively, with unique and exciting features. When activating FaceWake mode, users need to look at the device and the screen will always stay lit instead of having to touch the screen like before, making keeping the screen bright becomes more exciting and less effortful. much. And ChargeWake is a mode to keep the screen bright during the charging process of the device, even if the device is not in use; connect the charging cord, and the screen will always light up the way the user wants. Both modes offer distinct enjoyment and can assist users in many other situations. Now the automatic screen-off feature will no longer be able to disturb the user’s activities on the device.

Wakey mod android free

Download Wakey mod no need to worry about the screen will automatically turn off when not touched often anymore with the unique features to keep the screen bright.

How to Download & Install Wakey MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android


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