YourHour MOD APK 2.1.9 (Unlocked Pro)

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NameYourHour APK
PublisherMindefy Labs
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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You often use the phone. Anytime, even when not needed. This will affect you a lot. Takes time and delays all jobs. YourHour is an application with the function of alleviating that situation. The app will control how much time you spend on the phone each day. From there, you will easily track your smartphone usage. This indicates that you have spent too much time using the phone. YourHour will take steps to help you reduce your phone usage. Give you more focus at work. Complete on schedule and save valuable time.

Phone usage has been one of the most popular trends. Not just young people, but almost any age. The situation of accessing the phone at any time is increasing more and more. And there are so many things on the smartphone that fascinate you. Go online, watch entertainment… That content is what makes you addicted. Will make it possible for you to spend hours using them for those purposes. But if used too long on unnecessary things. Then it adversely affects your quality of life. The work will not be done and there will be many more negative effects. So, YourHour is an application that will help you fix all that.

YourHour mod

Download YourHour mod – Control how you use your phone every day

Nowadays, almost everything is handled by the phone as well. It makes progress faster. At the same time, the telephone is also one of the means of accessing information. Because of this, sometimes you won’t be able to get away from your phone. You will always be distracted. Not being able to focus all of her energy on what is to be done. YourHour is an application that reduces phone usage. With practical features. For users to get a more overview. Know how to self-adjust the time as well as how to use the phone properly. If you are too, then YourHour is a great solution.

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Record time

Every day, YourHour will sum up the amount of time you spend on the phone. Give a specific metric to keep track of. Based on that, you will know how you used a smartphone. The app also relies on those results and comes up with categories. Contains categories that divide the levels for each user. Specifically Addiction, Obsession, Dependency, Habits, Achievement, and Champion. So what level have you been? YourHour will track your usage. Looking at that chart, you will align yourself with phone use. How to balance the time in the most reasonable and scientific way.

YourHour mod apk

Tracking usage

YourHour has many outstanding features. Indicate the full-time and number of times that you have unlocked the screen. You will be able to look at and compare with previous days. See if your phone usage rate increases or decreases. Every week, YourHour has a list that records those times. Then take a look at today versus 7 days ago. Look at and see the change in activity on your phone. You will be the one to check yourself. Through the functions that YourHour has provided. For you to have a more comprehensive view. Time spent each day and how it consumes your time. Follow up closely and accurately on the application.

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Specific reports

The application offers specific and very detailed reports. Record daily, weekly with data. How long do you use the phone? All will be saved by YourHour. The app won’t prevent you from using your smartphone, though. But it will offer some practical solutions. For the user to balance more time. Count the number of times you use, unlock the phone. As well as will give the most obvious statistics. Based on reports from YourHour. You will also be aware of the amount of time you spend. Accessing your smartphone even when you don’t need it affects your time.

YourHour app offers useful solutions. Help users reduce the usage of the phone. Makes you more productive. No longer distracted by unnecessary content. Guaranteed time and complete all work. Download YourHour mod to check phone usage every day.

Download YourHour MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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