Alarm Clock Xtreme MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 24.04.0

Updated 24/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameAlarm Clock Xtreme APK
PublisherAVG Labs
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Alarm Clock Xtreme

Indeed many people have been late to work or school because they often press the snooze button in the morning every time the alarm goes off. This requires each person to take more robust measures to improve that lousy sleep habit. Motivating yourself to get up early even if you feel tired that day and adjusting your sleep habits to become healthier are essential tasks to wake up refreshed and more energetic. Quantity. Although this is not easy at all, with the support of Alarm Clock Xtreme, it will only take a short time. A great mobile application designed to help users overcome all temptations of sleepiness and stay awake in the morning.

In addition, this application also provides additional features such as a timer, stopwatch, reminder, and other features similar to the default Android clock to provide a more diverse experience for users. Users, besides the main feature, is the alarm.

Alarm Clock Xtreme mod apk

Download Alarm Clock Xtreme mod – Modern and multifunctional alarm clock

Alarm Clock Xtreme is a valuable alarm support tool to help users start a new day full of excitement and energy. This application completely changes the user’s view of alarm applications by possessing many interesting alarm methods and an attractive collection of alarm tones. Waking up no longer tired and not startled is what Alarm Clock Xtreme wants to bring to users. It uses a variety of problems to force the user to use their brain while preventing any attempt to mute the sound with a single touch of the screen. Thus the user’s brain will be stimulated to tell the user that he has to wake up now. With this application, users will always be awake in the morning, significantly improving work performance.

Alarm Clock Xtreme mod apk free

Multi-style alarm tones collection

Alarm Clock Xtreme gives users different ringtones with moods, including lullabies and quiet, soothing, and lively melodies. The alarm sound will be decided based on the user’s preferences, and applying the appropriate sounds for each alarm type is also good. For example, essential jobs need loud and vibrant alarms, and everyday activities are unnecessary. Before hearing the official alarm, users can optionally play a relaxing piece of music first. This will not wake the user immediately but help the user’s brain slowly wake up instead of suddenly being startled by loud sounds. Build the habit of waking up naturally and help users start the day effectively without being tired.

Alarm Clock Xtreme mod android

Repeat continuously if not turned off

People often don’t take the alarm too seriously, forget what to do next, and then go back to sleep instead of waking up. However, with Alarm Clock Xtreme, that will not be possible. After ten minutes, if the user does not mute the alarm, it will get louder and more urgent until the wakeup pulls the user out of slumber. The density and repetition frequency of the alarms can be changed entirely to suit the needs of the user so as not to create discomfort. The repetition interval can be 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or even 15; it all depends on the user’s decision. With Alarm Clock Xtreme, users will no longer need to worry about being late for the train, going to work late, missing important events, or eating breakfast on time.

Alarm Clock Xtreme mod

Fill in the information to improve sleep quality

Users can turn Alarm Clock Xtreme from an alarm clock into a tool to schedule rest and improve sleep quality by entering their personal information and health stats. Sleep. This application will then rely on the data provided by the user to collect relevant information and evaluate the quality of the user’s sleep. It also provides users tips and remedies to help them fall asleep quickly, creating high-quality sleep. In addition, Alarm Clock Xtreme also relaxes users before sleeping with an exciting puzzle game, helping users remove stress and fatigue to sleep well after a long day. This improves the quality of life and makes the spirit more refreshed and happier.

Alarm Clock Xtreme mod android free

Download Alarm Clock Xtreme mod to experience a multi-function alarm clock, keep time for all activities, and improve sleep.

How to Download & Install Alarm Clock Xtreme MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android


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