OCR Text Scanner Pro APK 1.7.5

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NameOCR Text Scanner Pro APK
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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OCR Text Scanner Pro is an application that supports the recognition of all documents. Use right on convenient mobile devices. For users to easily submit documents quickly. This is an essential application for office workers. Frequently have to do with data or lots of characters. OCR Text Scanner Pro is one of the fully functional applications. Let you easily translate the words you want. It will turn to your phone. Turns into a portable text scanner. Instead, you have to use it with too fussy machines. Then use OCR Text Scanner Pro, a versatile application.

Through images, OCR Text Scanner Pro will recognize all content. Make it no longer difficult to translate the data you want. The application has been selected by many users. Offers outstanding usability features. Use on the device with simple operations. Bringing many tools to assist during use. This will be an indispensable tool. It will bring many benefits to users. If you are also looking for an application like that. OCR Text Scanner Pro will be an indispensable choice. Offer many different solutions. Process documents quickly and offer many specific functions.

OCR Text Scanner Pro mod

Download OCR Text Scanner Pro mod – Process documents right on mobile devices

In use increasingly popular, more and more text applications are available. But to convince users is effective quality. OCR Text Scanner Pro is one of the applications that will satisfy every need. Provide a full range of features, support tools. Works on most mobile devices. Also free to use. Recognize text through images. Through quick action steps. No matter how many documents you need to deal with. All are customized by OCR Text Scanner Pro with high speed. Extract all the content on the documents you need. Everything will be supported by OCR Text Scanner Pro in the fastest time. Text Scanner and MyJio are also apps with similar functionality by many users.

OCR Text Scanner Pro mod free

Translated with multiple languages

Each type of document will have its own language. It can also be annoying sometimes when you have to use translation applications. But when using OCR Text Scanner Pro, it is completely different. Even with just one application, users can completely translate with many languages. With 92 different languages ​​such as Azeri, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali… All are quickly translated by OCR Text Scanner Pro. You don’t need to download any more text translation apps. Right on OCR Text Scanner Pro also has this function. Users will no longer have to worry about this issue. All languages ​​transferred will also be quickly translated by the application in the shortest time.

OCR Text Scanner Pro mod android

Copy text

Sometimes you have to rewrite some content onto other files. It will also take time to record the whole thing. If the content is too long, it certainly makes you feel discouraged. But use OCR Text Scanner Pro. The application also has a feature for users to copy text. No matter how much data you need to write. All will also be completed quickly after a few clicks. You will take a picture of the part that needs to be copied. The app will then take over the information to undo the operations and give the results. Therefore, you need to write down all the documents. Will no longer be a hindrance and save you maximum time.

OCR Text Scanner Pro mod apk

Recognition of documents

The application has tools to assist in the recognition of documents. Scan any type of document right on your phone. By the way, you capture that portion of the document. OCR Text Scanner will recognize and immediately save the user without taking too many steps. Share data files with other users. Scans text based on images. There is no limit to any type of textual language. The job to do the content encoding is easy. Right on OCR Text Scanner Pro, all documents will be applied to receive all information. The process of processing and scanning the data is most effective.

OCR Text Scanner Pro application with many functions. Allows you to perform translation and recognition of all textual information. Download OCR Text Scanner Promod to scan documents with simple operations.

Download OCR Text Scanner Pro APK for Android

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Thank you so much guys, for the mod version. It works great!

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