Metal Squad MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.3.1

Updated 17/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameMetal Squad APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Metal Squad

Fight to protect justice and peace, something that seems to be possible only by superheroes. Now you can completely do that because there is Metal Squad. Metal Squad is an engaging action game produced by ONESOFT. The game recreates the war to protect the peace of the earth and rescue the hostages of superheroes. Join the game and become the savior of this arduous battle.

I can’t believe that one day our peaceful earth will be attacked by an evil force. They kidnap peaceful people as hostages. The evil army also built huge bases with a powerful armed team. They really want to take over the earth and destroy humanity. As a supporter of justice and advocate of weakness, help humanity defeat these evil people. Would you please pick up your weapons and come with us?

Metal Squad mod

Download Metal Squad mod – Join the battle to save humanity

Metal Squad is a shooting action game. This game will take you to a worldwide battle. Alone you will fight the huge and dangerous army of terrorists. Use the available weapons and your flexible mobility to progress through the levels. Enemies are many and scary, but you are a brave hero. Do not be afraid of the enemy’s fighting machines. You can destroy them. Put an end to these wicked people.

Metal Squad mod apk

Classic gameplay

When participating in the game, the first thing you do is make weapon components and characters. Then go to the weapons section and get your first gun. During the battle, flexibly combine the control buttons to bring the character to the finish line. Tap the arrow button to jump avoid obstacles. Tap the aim button to attack and the boom button to create terrifying explosions. When the gun is out of ammunition or needs to use another weapon, click on the gun icon to change it. Overall the gameplay is very simple straight forward super powerful Bosses.

Confront super powerful Bosses

Hundreds of Bosses with different levels are waiting for you to join the fierce confrontation. Overcoming many soldiers outside, you will encounter a giant Boss at the end of each battle. These Bosses are gigantic and also very powerful. Players need to coordinate smoothly to both move to avoid its attacks and shoot to destroy. Use all guns, booms, ammo as well as retrofits. Successfully defeating the Boss will help you receive countless attractive rewards.

A variety of advanced weapons

Metal Squad has a huge arsenal of weapons. Weapons are divided into four main groups. The first group is the primary guns. Familiar guns such as M4A1, sniper, ice gun, machine gun,… The second is special weapons. This group includes heavier weapons with more destructive power, such as rockets, laser guns, flame guns,… The third group is melee weapons such as hammer, ax, sword. Finally, there is a wide variety of grenades to choose from. These weapons all need to be unlocked and upgraded to have the best use. When upgraded, weapons will be increased in speed, range, and combat power.

Metal Squad mod apk android

Try out many new characters.

When participating in the game, you play the role of a single character and change the character according to your preferences. Each character will bring a unique experience for you. They have different skills, and each has its own strengths. If you like playing the role of a tall, muscular, agile guy, choose John D. If you like a beautiful girl, choose Yoo-Na. Of course, the characters also need to be upgraded to increase their strength, attack speed, and attack range. Players can equip their characters with some enhances to further aid in the match, such as increase time, increase gold coins, increase speed, …

Metal Squad mod apk free

Amazing graphics and sounds

It can be seen that the graphics and sound effects of Metal Squad are extremely overwhelming. This is one of the factors that attract players to the game. The manufacturer has created extremely eye-catching gun battles. Explosive effects when the power of weapons collides, combined with vivid sound, bring a feeling that cannot be more real. Players will feel like they are directly participating in this never-ending battle.

Metal Squad mod android

Although there is a very familiar theme to every gamer passionate about the shooting action genre, Metal Squad still creates its own charms. The game brings extremely modern and modern new weapons. They will help you increase your strength to storm the enemy’s lair. Join Metal Squad mod to fight for the weak people and protect world peace today. Justice and justice must be done, and the wicked must be punished.

How to Download & Install Metal Squad MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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