Xenowerk MOD APK (God mode/Unlock missions, weapons) 1.6.0

Updated on 07/10/2021 (2 years ago)
NameXenowerk APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Unlock missions, weapons
SupportAndroid 4.3+
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Are you in need of a futuristic game with the most advanced equipment? So let’s go to Xenowerk, where everything turns deadly and dangerous. The humans were now replaced by fearsome monsters. You will have to overcome all of them to complete your goal. Find a way to bring everything back to the beginning and save humanity with all the remaining hope. Become the legendary hero who is not afraid of anything.

The future world is a topic that is exploited quite a lot in fiction games. Xenowerk is one of those games created in such away. Inspired by the best game of all time, Irish Shooter with signature fighting style. Xenowerk will make you excited with extremely intense matches. 3D graphics are made with high technology with excellent sharpness. It possesses a lot of cool features in the interface for users to interact with.

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Download Xenowerk mod – Defeat all the disgusting monsters

The failed experiments of scientists suddenly escaped from the laboratory. They take on a horrible alien-like shape and are spreading to many people. This is an extremely alarming situation, and your task is to stop this source of infection. You will be thoroughly instructed before starting the battle. On the left will be the joystick to help the character move in the right direction. On the right will be the fire button, you will use it to aim at the enemy and fire. Destroy everything that intends to attack you with deadly shots. When all has been wiped out and reached the last point, you will win.

Your gun will not be limited in the amount of ammunition and can fire as you like. However, if discharging the bullet for a long time, it will have a hot phenomenon. Once it is too hot, it cannot continue to be used, and you will have to wait for it to cool down. Use it wisely to avoid falling into such bad traits.

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Large arsenal

To survive in high-difficulty missions, you need good enough stuff. Those are the equipment and weapons with strong stats. Each gun in Xenowerk is designed in the style of the future. Rifles, laser guns, or machine guns can all be selected. Each gun has a different way of firing and is more powerful according to the price. Guns with high rarity will be harder to heat as well as have superior damage. Good armor will also help you withstand enemy damage. Protect yourself from the sudden and annoying attacks of monsters. Stock up and find yourself the best in stock.

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Special powers

Special powers are those created specifically for wars of a dangerous nature. With your tasks, the use of it is essential. When activating it, you will be greatly increased damage for a certain period of time. This brings many benefits, and most importantly, it will help you sweep the monsters. Save your life in difficult situations with its usefulness. It should not be used indiscriminately. Otherwise, it will be difficult to bring about effective. This is a self-defense skill with a unique mechanism created in this game. Admire the destructive power of monsters when it is used.

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Terrible levels

Your journey will be divided into many different levels. In total, there will be more than 50 levels with terrible mutants arranged in the mission. The difficulty will be gradually raised from the next level, requiring you to adapt to it. The paths and rooms are also made as diverse as possible. When playing, you will never feel duplicate and bored. You can retry as many times as you want if the process is not as expected. Always have to upgrade yourself not to be vulnerable to the threats that exist in the quests, from an inexperienced warrior to an assassin with heavy weapons.

When you press pause, you will see a detailed simulated map around where you stand. It will help a lot during the game and help you prevent many things. Determine where the monsters are in each room. Easily find your way when it is difficult to determine the direction. Please make the most of this tool, and don’t let it go to waste. You will learn how to calculate as well as learn everything to determine the direction of problem-solving. With Xenowerk mod, train yourself to become more dangerous than monsters.

Download Xenowerk MOD APK (God mode/Unlock missions, weapons) for Android

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