Wonder Planetes MOD APK 45 (Menu, God mode/Unlimited ammo/Onehit)

Updated on 17/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameWonder Planetes APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Unlimited ammo/Onehit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Menu
2. Immortal
3.1. Infinite ammo
3.2. Do not reload
4. Instant Skill Ready
5. Onehit

Wonder Planetes is known as one of the most anticipated 2D simulation games. With a new shooting style revolving around an ample space, the game has resonated in the hearts of players. As soon as it was released, this game beat many media-style shooters that players were too bored with. Worthy of an exciting game that should be in your game store. How to create attractive characters with polished graphics and unique and new gameplay? The game has attracted a large number of players, especially male players. That has made a fresh breeze for the shooting simulation action game village.

Suppose you are a big fan of Japanese animated movies, also known as anime. And fascinated with the way of shaping and building attractive images, predominantly female characters. Then this is a super game not to be missed. Because the characters in this game are prototyped from the female characters in the anime, from the way of shaping to facial expressions, they are all beautiful, sexy, and strong warriors. You will have just experienced the feeling of living in a world full of sexy female characters. But also have to fight fiercely with many opponents to collect items and complete missions. And unlock many new characters; beautiful harems are waiting for you to discover.

Download Wonder Planetes mod – Explode with a unique new gameplay style

Players must read the instructions, unlike many other titles, and find out for themselves. Wonder Planetes provides detailed step-by-step instructions as soon as multiplication begins. If you are familiar with the control and attack of role-playing games like Lien Quan mobile, Giang Ho,… then the fighting style of this game is the same. You will be allowed to choose a weapon for your character before each match. Control your character to participate in fierce battles in space with the enemy. Use the attack buttons in the lower right corner of the screen to create powerful attacks. Smartly manipulate the dash button to dodge enemy attacks and remember to keep a safe distance.

Wonder Planetes apk

Multi-experience with many game modes

Rated as not too tricky to play because just winning the game will pass the screen. Wonder Planetes is designed with a variety of different levels and game modes. Each game screen is divided into many parts, from fighting solo to facing bosses with great power. The vast space is meticulously designed with images inspired by the vast universe, bringing a sense of freedom to players who can fully unleash their full potential. Besides, developing many different game modes also makes you not bored. Different game modes include: Playing against the machine, playing pk, playing according to the story, and playing practice… With more than 60 interesting play styles, the game publisher has put much effort into creating experiences for you. a complete experience.

Wonder Planetes mod apk

Create a character in a new style

Compared to famous games with traditional character creation. Wonder Planetes brings a new breath to the action role-playing game series. Replacing the image of muscular muscles with sexy, seductive girls who are also very good at fighting. Because they are your core fighting force, each girl has her weapons and strengths, and you need to control and promote to them how to develop graphics in the fiction genre, where the most advanced weapons are integrated. Don’t just stop at the traditional bullet guns. Now, you own girls who have incomparably powerful weapons. So command your girl to attack and win. How interesting will it be when you have a lot of hot girls?

Wonder Planetes mod

Armory with great rewards

Diversity in game modes equals more rewards after every win, with various tasks from daily to weekly, even events. Complete them, and you will receive valuable items. Use them to calculate and upgrade weapons to level up. Increase damage and defense for your girl fish. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to receive many valuable gifts to upgrade the base. Or buy warships and space ships for your military zone. Get ready to face more powerful enemies. The first prizes are also opened seasonally with limited rewards. An attraction not to be missed is unlocking new characters. After each victory, you will have the opportunity to unlock new female characters. Gather the fighting force and promise a thrill to the girls.

Considered to be a new breeze for the shooter series, with exciting gameplay combined with eye-catching graphics. Wonder Planets deserves to be a game for anime enthusiasts. And has lost interest in traditional shooting games. Download Wonder Planets mod bursting with dramatic battles with sexy girls.

Download Wonder Planetes MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Unlimited ammo/Onehit) for Android

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