Dungeon Quest Action RPG MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.38

Updated 30/09/2023 (3 days ago)
NameDungeon Quest Action RPG APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Dungeon Quest Action RPG MOD APK

Dungeon Quest Action RPG is a game where you can be a hero and adventure anywhere. Combined with the hack and slash formula that has been extremely famous for the game market in the world. Definitely not an experience you can’t afford to miss. Accompany the hero through many different lands. Encounter with many monsters to fight for many interesting treasures. In the dungeons of the world, there are many secrets. You won’t be able to imagine them without seeing them in person. The chosen hero is you. Get ready for your greatest adventure.


The world of Dungeon Quest Action RPG is a series of interconnected dungeons. Hidden deep in the dark is a monster that is always waiting to rush out to destroy you at any time. This is a game where players need to upgrade themselves and have to earn more equipment to increase their strength to the maximum. Only then can we fully describe the brutality and the difficulties that gamers will have to go through. It will be one of your most challenging as well as enjoyable experiences.

Dungeon Quest Action RPG mod

Download Dungeon Quest Action RPG mod – Become a dungeon exploration hero

With the random mechanics of dungeons, you won’t be able to tell what’s inside a dungeon before entering it. This creates suspense as well as a surprise for players. You will have to prepare in advance for all possible situations if you do not want to die unjustly. Your warrior is just a small guy with no power. After so many adventures, we can see how he grows and grows strong. You are the one who directly controls and enhances the strength of the warrior. Go through many dungeons and dangerous challenges to find hidden treasures.

There will not be any instructions for you at the beginning of the journey. You can go anywhere you like. Freely explore any dungeon with no difficulty limit. It’s a whole different story if you don’t know how dangerous the place you’re entering is. Just a minute of neglect is enough to kill you. So the first thing to do is buy yourself a set of weapons that are enough for the battle. The journey will be very long, so completing the most powerful weapon will take quite a while for you.

Dungeon Quest Action RPG mod free

Build the most powerful weapon set

Weapons have two ways to get, and the first is through crafting. If you have gone through many different dungeons, you will surely collect a lot of important materials. They are, of course, used to make weapons. With a moderate amount, you can create a lot of special power weapons. The second way is that when defeating monsters, they will have a certain rate of dropping various weapons. Possibly with any stat and completely useless. But sometimes, it will be a legendary weapon with great damage. Use your luck or fight hard.

Dungeon Quest Action RPG mod apk

Brand bosses

If you’ve fought in dungeons, there’s no reason why you can’t encounter bosses in the game, with massive size and much larger than other monsters. It will certainly be a very long battle between you and one of the most dangerous guys in the dungeon. Don’t be disappointed if you fail in one or two attempts. It is prevalent because bosses possess special skills. That is also a way for you to observe their fighting movements. From there, you can be confident with the victory in the next encounter. Believe me; the boss possesses many valuable gifts that you cannot ignore.

Dungeon Quest Action RPG mod apk free

Back to your base

No matter where you go to battle or explore, there is a place you always return to rest and prepare your strength. Those are villages in different lands. The people there are amiable and can provide you with a lot of important services. When you return to the village, you will be restored to health and stamina. There were also many blacksmith shops for equipment and items or medicine. You can also directly upgrade your weapons there. All in all, it’s like your real home—a place where you can return to everyone’s welcome after a hard battle.

Dungeon Quest Action RPG free

Adventure to any land you like. Confront and fight any force that you can afford. Dungeon Quest Action RPG is a great solo adventure experience. You may like it if you try it and feel it. The feeling of perfecting your own power by yourself is sure to be fascinating. Download the Dungeon Quest Action RPG mod now to add a good fighting game to your list.

How to Download & Install Dungeon Quest Action RPG MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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