Boom Beach: Frontlines MOD APK (Menu | No Spread | Drone View)

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NameBoom Beach: Frontlines APK
PublisherSpace Ape
MOD FeaturesMenu | No Spread | Drone View
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Team shooter with up to 9 people is called Boom Beach: Frontlines. Wars take place between islands and fortresses in the vast Pacific Ocean. Including all the necessary elements in a war, such as tactics, troops, and teammates, … Your job is to build and defend your island against the enemy. At the same time, you need to bring the enemy troops to take over your friend’s land and the enemy’s island. The army consists of many members, each with a strong point that is reliable and useful in fierce combat. There are many enemies involved in the battle map, so it is difficult for players to grasp the total strength of the enemy.

After choosing a teammate, or favorite tank, counting down the seconds to wait for the battle to begin. The battle site takes place on an island full of traps and twisty roads. The island is covered with green trees and sometimes appear small rivers and canals. There are wooden or stone bridges over the river as a highlight. In addition, there are houses that are shaped like houses on stilts. The roofs are mint green, and on the walls, there are blue signposts pointing to the enemy base. The area of ​​the enemy base or yourself is surrounded by a border of the same color. In the middle is the signal main post with a radar mounted on top.

Boom Beach Frontlines apk free

Download Boom Beach: Frontlines mod – The war for the base island between heroic armies

As soon as the main fortress of your island is erected, the battle begins. Choose your character, then scout the enemy base step by step. Move with the right virtual keyboard as a circle and left and right movement buttons. Attack by moving the nib continuously and click on it to shoot. Just shoot the enemy while taking advantage of the houses and tree stumps as a place to hide from their warheads. The clothes, color, and appearance of your team and the enemy team are opposite. Every time the member moves, the reflected blobs will also move along the map. Track and map that to know the exact location of your enemies and teammates.

Boom Beach Frontlines apk

Build ramparts

A solid rampart is a rampart that has all the necessary means of support and has thick enough layers of protection. In a rectangular area is paved with purple bricks. Around it can be built wooden or stone fences. Above are loops of barbed wire and layers of conductive nails in the front. Inside, put more large wooden crates to block the enemy’s way. It is also possible to place stones or containers. Build sturdy, covered observatories. There is always a teammate who takes turns guarding here to observe the enemy situation and notify when someone approaches. The center of the figure is the most important pillar. It also means your team loses.

Boom Beach Frontlines mod

Collect members

Boom Beach: Frontlines offers a diverse inventory from characters to attack tanks. They all have names and appearances that are dominated by blue. Hero Medic has the appearance of a technician with newspaper patterned glasses. The girl Zooka has a special commando style when holding a grenade-shooting gun as big as a person. Armore Car with short and small scope to attack low range enemies. The APC vehicle has a blue stun gun with a damaged radar head. Or Canon cars have a large viewfinder. Each shot fired carries a stream of fire through to the character. The guard holds a black binocular named Sniper Tower.

Boom Beach Frontlines android

Character upgrade

It seems that character upgrading is something that every action game has. But unlike other games that need to collect elemental cards or collect support components. Here, to upgrade a character, the player needs to bring them to fight a lot. When fighting, players will get blue medals with white explosions inside. Each device or character, when gaining the necessary experience, automatically upgrade to the next level. Depending on the purpose, you want an army to increase evenly or a unique character. If you want, just bring that character to fight in different wars.

Boom Beach Frontlines mod apk

With a large team of up to 9 members, the player’s army can be a sufficient combination of different factors. If you want to defend, you have to defend, if you want to attack, you have to attack. Can choose familiar teammates, familiar with each other’s playstyle to easily support. Each map is refreshed every 4 hours. Based on that, players will have battles on new and more diverse terrains. It is necessary to consult a number of formations in advance to understand the direction of movement. Download Boom Beach: Frontlines mod to build a strong 9-person tank army.

Download Boom Beach: Frontlines MOD APK (Menu | No Spread | Drone View) for Android

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